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32 free preposition cards

Preposition cards

Here are some free printable PDF preposition cards with both pictures and words. These resources can be used for teaching prepositions of place to ESL learners as well as younger learners in native speaking countries.

The first set of preposition flashcards below feature a bird and a box. The 16 prepositions of place on these printables are – in, under, on, above, over, between, in front of, behind, through, along, past, next to, into, out of, to, and away from.

You can use these picture cards to play all your favourite flashcard games. If you are simply doing rote learning, try to get your students to speak in full sentences. For example, you can ask “where is the bird?” or ” What is the bird doing?”. The target responses from your class should be something like – “The bird is in the box” or The bird is going through the box”.

Preposition cards with pictures and sentences

These next preposition picture cards have sentences with the preposition of place omitted. They are great for kids to learn prepositions while at the same time practising reading full sentences.

The preposition cards also feature a variety of cute animals which makes them much more interesting than simple box and ball diagrams. There are birds, cats, lions, mice, turtles, bees, penguins, and a dolphin in the pictures.

The answers should be as follows –

Printable 1 – The bird is in front of the plant. The bird is behind the plant. The cat is between the boxes. The cat is next to the box.

Printable 2 – The lion is in the water. The lion is out of the water. The mouse is under the cheese. The mouse is on the cheese.

Printable 3 – The turtle is going into the box. The turtle is going out of the box. The bee is above/over the jar. The bee is in the flower.

Printable 4 – The penguin is jumping over the ice. The penguin is going down the ice. The dolphin is swimming around the pole. The dolphin is jumping through the hoop.

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