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22 free flamingo coloring pages

Flamingo coloring pages

Flamingos are both beautiful and fascinating birds, here we have a free set of flamingo coloring pages for kids and adults. You can use them to supplement or close out any lessons on nature, art, or just color them in for fun!

These coloring sheets are in a few different styles and range from easy for children, to difficult for adults and teens. They’ve been somewhat put into groups to help you find the most suitable coloring sheets.

Easy flamingo coloring pages for kids

These first coloring sheets (above and below) are great for children and younger learners. The big shapes make them easy to color in. You can also use them to play around with blending watercolors or acrylic paints.

There is an F for flamingo coloring page, a flamingo with llamas as well as other flamingos in lakes and ponds.

Note that not all flamingos are pink! There are 5 different species and they can have pink, red, orange, and gray plumage. If flamingos don’t eat enough shrimp, they can even be white in color.

Flamingos can be found in Central, North and South America, The Caribbean, Africa, Asia and have even been spotted in the Middle East.

Detailed flamingo coloring pages for adults and teens

Below are some hard coloring pages that have a lot more detail, especially in the foliage around the birds. These free printables are more realistic, take a lot more time to complete, and are best for older students.

Interesting flamingo facts

Flamingos generally live to 30 years of age although the oldest recorded made it to 83.

A flamingo can travel as far as 500 kilometers or over 370 miles in a single flight.

The flamingo needs a running start to begin flying and has specially webbed feet to help it run on water.

Printable flamingo coloring pages with flowers

The sheets below contain flamingos with flowers that you can make really colorful.

Flamingo coloring pages with jungle and leaves

The coloring pages below contain flamingos in the jungle or with leaves of different kinds of plants. You can use lots of greens and browns to color in the jungle scenes.

There is also a page with a toucan, a tropical-themed sheet with a pineapple, and flamingos in front of big monstera (fruit salad plant) leaves.

Related activities

For some related educational resources check out the birds vocabulary worksheets and the discussion questions about birds.

If you want more free printable coloring pages with birds, try the peacock coloring pages.

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