printable animal alphabet cards

Free printable animal alphabet cards

Printable animal alphabet cards

Kids love animals, and these beautiful cards will help young learners with the alphabet and animal vocabulary. Each card has an uppercase and lowercase letter and a picture of an animal starting with that letter. There are 26 cards in total, one for each letter from A to Z.

You can print them in colour or greyscale and use them as flashcards or for fun learning activities and games. Once you have printed the 3 sheets of cards and cut them out, you might want to think about laminating them for extra durability. A cheat for this is to use wide clear sticky tape on either side of the cards. It isn’t quite as good as laminating but it works pretty well.

The cards have the following animals –

Alligator, bear, cow, dog, elephant, fox, giraffe, horse, iguana, jellyfish, koala, lion, monkey, newt, owl, pig, quail, raccoon, seagull, tiger, urchin, vulture, whale, x-ray fish, yak, and zebra.

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Using the printable animal alphabet cards

The cards can of course be used for all your favourite flashcard activities like slap the board, tic tac toe, and memory to name a few. Here are a couple of other ideas you may not yet of thought of!

Scramble or shuffle the cards on the floor and get students to put them in correct alphabetical order. For young learners not yet familiar with the alphabet, you may need to give them the order on the board to help.

See if your students can make words with the cards. For example, by putting cow, alligator, and tiger together, you can form the word cat!

Print two sets. With the extra set, you could do a matching activity.

For higher-level young learners, you could put the cards in groups. Groups such as animal colours, number of legs, or where they live are ideas.

printable animal alphabet cards
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