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16 Glittering star idioms

16 star idioms

There are many idioms about the shiny things in the sky. Most often star idioms relate to good luck, success, or ambition. Here is a handy list of star idioms with definitions and example sentences.


  1. Aim for the stars
  2. The stars have aligned
  3. Starstruck
  4. A rising star
  5. Stars in your eyes
  6. To thank your lucky stars
  7. Written in the stars
  8. Hitch your wagon to a star
  9. To see stars
  10. Star-crossed lovers
  11. A blazing star
  12. One-star


1- If you aim for the stars, you set very high goals and try to achieve maximum success. Your goals may not even be possible but you are willing to try anyway.

Example – He is aiming for the stars and wants to be a millionaire.

2 – When the stars have aligned, things are perfect to do or try something. It can also be said to refer to good luck.

Example – The stars aligned and they were able to win the championship.

3 – A person who is starstruck is in awe of a famous person. They are usually nervous or shy in their company.

Example – She was starstruck when she met her favourite author at the bookstore.

4 – If your star is rising, you are becoming increasingly successful in something you do and on the way to great things.

Example – She was promoted at the law firm last week, her star is rising.

stars in the night picture for star idioms

5 – If you have stars in your eyes, you believe everything will be perfect, go well, and be successful even though they may not.

Example – She moved to Hollywood to become an actress with stars in her eyes.

6 – To thank your lucky stars is to show appreciation for good luck. It is one of the most common star idioms used in the English language.

Example – I thank my lucky stars that the tornado missed our house.

7 – The expression it is written in the stars means that something is fate and was meant to be. An event is a kind of destiny and is meant to be.

Example – It is written in the stars that they will fall in love and get married.

8 – To hitch your wagon to a star means to set high goals of success. You want to achieve a lot. This can also mean doing so through a connection with an already successful person and using their success to help yourself.

Example – The man told his son to hitch his wagon to a star and aim for great things.

star idioms - hitch your wagon to a star

9- To see stars means to see flashing lights because of a blow to the head.

Example – The boxer was seeing stars after the first-round knockout.

10 – Star-crossed lovers are a couple in love who are unable to be together because of external or unlucky reasons.

Example – Because of the war, the star-crossed lovers were unable to see each other.

11 – A blazing star is another name for a comet.

Example – They saw a blazing star cross the sky.

12 – One-star can be used to describe things that are low-class or not at all fancy. Five-star describes things of very good quality or luxury.

Example – The one-star hotel had no television or hot water.

A person standing on a cliff watching a blazing star

13 – A star of the silver screen is a famous actor or actress.

Example – The stars of the silver screen get paid big money in Hollywood.

14 – If a movie, place or event is star-studded, it means it has many famous people.

Example – The nightclub opening was a star-studded event, famous artists from all over the world attended.

15 – The stars and stripes or stars and bars are a reference to the flag of the United States of America.

Example – He went to the Olympics to represent the stars and stripes of the USA.

16 – If you think somebody hung the moon and the stars, you totally admire them, are in love with them, or in awe of them.

Example – She hangs on every word he says, she thinks he hung the moon and the stars.

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