printable kids rebus puzzles worksheet

Free printable kids rebus puzzles

Printable kids rebus puzzles

These brainteasers are a hit with children and help them to both learn and memorize new words and spelling. The first 2 worksheets are compound nouns with pictures – students must combine the 2 pictures to create a new word and then spell it. The vocabulary required to complete these handouts is quite basic and the activities are very easy.

The solutions for the first printable kids rebus puzzles worksheet above are –

Movie/Film + Star = Movie star/Film star

Sun + Glasses = Sunglasses

Fish + Cake = Fishcake

Coffee + Table = Coffee table

Mountain + Bike = Mountain bike

Snow + Ball = Snowball

If you are looking for similar but more challenging worksheets check out the free printable rebus puzzles page!

The answers for the second worksheets are as follows  –

light + house = lighthouse

cow + boy = cowboy

rain + bow = rainbow

cat + fish = catfish

cheese + cake = cheesecake

door + bell = doorbell

Easy kids rebus puzzles

The next sheets have a combination of pictures and letters that students must subtract and add to the original word in order to find the solution. The first activity here uses the theme of animals.

The answers for this worksheet are –

Pig – P + B = Big

Snake – SN + C = Cake

Dog – D + FR = Frog

Cat – C + B = Bat

Cow – W + LD = Cold

This easy rebus sheet has pictures of fruit and vegetables. The solutions are –

Carrot – rot + d = card

Pear – ar + gra = grape

Lemon – le + day = Monday

Grapes – gr + sh = shapes

Kiwi – wi + ng = king

Further activities

A further activity is to get your student to create their own very simple rebus puzzles. Demonstrate on the board with any basic words they have already learned and see what words they can make by taking away and adding new letters.

They can draw simple pictures or you could provide small pictures for the class to cut and paste on a sheet of paper. Note that the shorter the words the easier it will be for them.

Another fun exercise is to create word ladders. To make these you start with a single word and by changing one letter you form a new word and continue on in this fashion. For example, Hat – Cat – Far – Car – Cab. Three or four letter words are best for younger learners!

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