free printable i spy coloring pages pirates

14 free printable I spy coloring pages

Free printable I spy coloring pages

Here is a collection of I spy worksheets that kids can color in and count the objects. There are many different themes so hopefully, there is one here that suits the theme or topic your students are currently learning.

These activities help young learners develop fine motor skills while coloring, practice counting, and are engaging enough to be used as just a fun activity when the time for one arises. Counting the objects becomes much easier once the objects are colored in. Note that it is best to use only one or 2 colors for each object.

They can also be used to teach basic vocabulary, each sheet contains 10 pictures/words that are related to a certain topic. The first I spy coloring page above is about pirates and features a sword, a pirate’s hat, a hook, a treasure chest, a shark, a spyglass, a ship, a ship’s wheel, a bomb, and an anchor.

If you are looking for similar worksheets without the coloring part, check out the printable counting worksheets.

Space I spy coloring sheet

This space-related activity has pictures of an astronaut, 2 planets, a galaxy, a meteor, a space shuttle, a lunar lander, an asteroid, a sun, and a satellite.

Pets I spy coloring page

This one can be used for any nature or animal classes. It is also one of the easiest sheets to color in.

The animals featured on this free printable are – a dog, a cat, a bird/parrot, a fish, a lizard, a turtle/tortoise, a hamster, a snake, a mouse, and a hen or chicken.

I spy dinosaurs

This is probably the most difficult of the I spy coloring pages when it comes to counting.

The dinosaurs on this free colouring page are – Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, Elasmosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Diliphosaurus, and a dinosaur egg.

Halloween I spy

Here is a spooky I spy worksheet for Halloween time. It isn’t too scary and is fine for young learners although coloring this one can be a bit challenging.

The images on this printable are of a mummy, a spider, a 3-eyed monster, a skull, a werewolf, a witch, a ghost, a pumpkin monster, a vampire, and a hand.

Fire I spy coloring sheet

This one has fire fighting objects and can be used to teach about fire safety.

The objects on this handout are – a match, a fire hose, a fire engine, a fire hydrant, an axe, a fireman, a ladder, a fire extinguisher, a fire hotline, and a forest fire.

Forest I spy coloring page

A forest-themed worksheet that can be used to supplement classes on the outdoors, camping, and nature.

This sheet has a variety of animals and some landscape features to color in and count.

Farm I spy

A color and count worksheet with typical farm objects. This page has a farmer, pig, chicken, cow, flowers, tractor, barn, and bees.

Thanksgiving I Spy coloring sheet

This one can be used for Thanksgiving classes as well as lessons related to fall/summer.

There are 9 different Thanksgiving objects to be found and counted.

Healthy food I spy worksheet

This is a good one to color and is good for classed about food.

The healthy foods on this sheet are spinach/lettuce, peas, carrot, apple, pineapple, tomato, fish, grapes, nuts, and honey.

Faces I spy coloring worksheet

This one has emoticons and can be used in classes about feelings and emotions.

The faces on this printable include faces showing happy, laughter, anger, love, tired, silly, thirsty, quiet, cold, and party.

Easy I Spy coloring pages for young learners

Here are 3 very easy I spy worksheets that preschoolers will be able to color. The shapes are quite large and the numbers to count are small. There is a cat-themed sheet, a page with 6 kinds of fruit, and a cute sun coloring worksheet.

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