25 privacy conversation questions

25 privacy conversation questions

Privacy conversation questions

Here we have some interesting questions about privacy, something that is an ever-growing concern in the modern world. Use these free printable discussion questions to find out just how much people care about their privacy.

This is a fairly challenging topic for ESL learners and is best suited to upper-intermediate level learners and above.

The most challenging terms and phrases in this speaking activity include – security, keep private, VPN, tech companies, personal data, phone tracking, parcel of land, invade privacy, surveillance, and hidden.

The privacy conversation questions are –

How important is privacy to you? Would you like to have more privacy?

Do you have much privacy where you live? Do you see your neighbours often?

Are there a lot of security cameras in your town? What do you think of them?

What kinds of things do you like to keep private? Do you keep a diary?

Would you let somebody else read all your emails and text messages?

Do you think it is okay for the police and governments to read your messages?

Is it okay for parents to read their children’s emails and see their web history?

If you could read all your parent’s emails and messages, would you do it?

What things do you keep private from your parents but not from your best friend?

How do you feel about privacy on the internet? Do you use a VPN?

What do you think of social media? Do you think your accounts are private?

How do you feel about tech companies collecting your data? How can you stop it?

What can happen if people get a hold of all your personal information?

How do you feel about phone tracking?

Where is your favourite place to be when you want some privacy?

If you had a large parcel of land, how would you keep strangers off it?

Have you ever trespassed on someone else’s land? Why did you do it?

Has anyone ever invaded your privacy? What happened? How did you react?

Do you think famous people have less privacy? Would you like to be famous?

Is mass surveillance necessary for public security? Why or why not?

What do you think about hidden cameras? Where would you put one in your home?

Are there any private beaches in your country? How do you feel about them?

What is the difference between something being a secret and being private?

Do your phone and computer have passwords? Why do they have passwords?

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a fence at a private beach
Idioms related to privacy

Here are a few idiomatic expressions to share with your students once they have completed discussing the privacy conversation questions.

A private eye or private dick is a private detective that people can hire to investigate things.

If something is done behind closed doors, it is done in private away from others.

Similarly, doing something on the quiet means doing it in secret or without other people knowing about it.

A person who keeps a low profile does things without many other people knowing or attracting a lot of attention.

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