animal shadow matching worksheet

21 free printable shadow matching worksheets

Free printable shadow matching worksheets

Here is a collection of free shadow matching worksheets for young learners and preschool children. The main task of the worksheets is to get students to draw lines between the pictures and their corresponding shadows.

The pages help kids to recognise shapes which is an important step on the way to learning the alphabet and words. They are also useful for young children who have any problems with visual discrimination. Other activities that can help with this issue include doing mazes and I spy worksheets.

In addition, the activities also help children learn new vocabulary. You can help them to learn any new words on the pages by asking simple questions about the pictures.

You could also cut the pictures and shadows out of the pages to use in different kinds of matching and learning games.

These printables have different themes such as animals, dinosaurs, fruit, vegetables, space, plants, seasons, Christmas and more. Just scroll down and you will be sure to find something that your child likes!

Dinosaur shadow matching worksheets

These 4 dinosaur-themed printables vary in difficulty. Just about all kids love dinosaurs and will no doubt enjoy these matching activities.

If you are looking for more dinosaur learning materials there are the dinosaur flashcards, some of which can be used as coloring activities.

Fruit and vegetable shadow matching worksheets

Fresh food worksheets with 10 vegetables and 5 fruits.

If your child is able to you can easily ask the names of the foods and questions about the pictures. For example, you can ask basic questions like – “What color is a lemon”, or “Do you like broccoli”.

Space objects and shadows

These worksheets feature different space objects and some quirky UFOs.

Leaves and plants shadow worksheets

The first sheet on the left is perfect for Fall/Autumn. The page on the right would be more suitable for Spring.

Party hats and ice cream shadows

Party-themed printables with animals wearing different birthday hats and some differently shaped ice creams.

Toys, fairy tale characters, and monsters

Pictures and shadows of children’s toys, fairy tale characters and cute monsters. The fairy tale page has drawings and silhouettes of a mermaid, a wizard, a witch, a dragon, and a fairy.

Winter, Christmas and bird shadow worksheets

These printables have animals with winter clothing, Christmas food, general Christmas things and some different kinds of birds.

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