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23 free PDF color by number printables

PDF color by number pages

Younger students seem to love these PDF color by number pages. They do not take much time to complete and work well as cooler or filler activities if you have a coloring page related to whatever it is you are teaching. It can be a good idea also to have a few ready for students who complete their assigned work early.

If you are not familiar with color by number exercises, they are very simple. All you need to do is color the pages by following the guide that shows which colors should be used for each number. They are great for teaching kids both basic colors and simple numbers.

If you scroll down the page you will also find some hard color by number printables that are suitable for teenagers and adults. The first free printable color by number page above features a dog surrounded by stars howling at the moon at night.

Fall/Autumn coloring page

A fall-related coloring page with leaves and a cute deer wearing a coat and hat.

Garden color by number sheet

This is an interesting picture of a garden with an apple tree, some apples, clouds, and a ladybug.

It is handy for any classes about Spring, fruit, or nature.

Gardening page

This page has a girl planting a flower in a garden. It is fairly detailed and uses 7 colors.

Globe coloring printable

This simple color by number printable has the Earth’s globe on a stand.

You could use it for classes about the environment or geography.

Hedehog coloring page

An easy animal coloring page with a hedgehog and a butterfly with a mushroom.

Only 5 colors are need for this picture.

Spring PDF color by number

There are a lot of different objects in this spring/garden themed sheet.

Once complete this colorful page will reveal a gnome in a garden with the sun, a butterfly, plants, and a mushroom.

For some more interesting coloring/craft activities with a spring theme, check out the free agamograph templates.

Squirrel color by number

An easy coloring picture that only uses 5 different colors.

Once finished you will see a squirrel holding a nut. This is a handy sheet for any Fall/Autumn or animal-related classes.

Turkey color by number

This is a useful coloring page for Thanksgiving or farm animal related classes.

This picture features a turkey wearing a hat next to a pumpkin.

Christmas PDF color by number

This is a quite detailed Xmas activity sheet that requires 7 colors.

Once colored you will see an elf/animal standing on a stool decorating a Christmas tree with baubles.

Easy xmas tree

This is a very simple Christmas tree picture with some decorations hanging in the background.

It is great for younger kids as there isn’t much detail to be colored in.

Sunflower free color by number

A pretty sunflower that uses 7 colors. This can be used for activities related to spring. You may need to teach the terms light and dark.

Summer printable

A picture of a girl at the beach with a duck buoy. The numbers are quite small and don’t show up when this page is colored in.

Fruit color by numbers printable

This is nice worksheet that yuou can use to teach fruit. The printable has a pear, a plum, and an apple.

Flowers in a vase coloring sheet

A lovely picture of 3 flowers in a vase.

Elephant in the jungle

This sheet is fairly difficult and can even be used for teens and adults. Once completed you will see an Indian style elephant on this PDF color by number printable.

Easter color by number for kids

This is a great activity for Easter time. The page has a small bird and a cute rabbit juggling eggs.

Easy color by number fox

An easy children’s coloring activity of a fox in a woodlands landscape.

Deer and owl color by number page

A happy deer with an owl on its back. It is a night-time scene as there are stars in the sky in the background.

Cat and ball

This coloring sheet has a cute kitten sitting on top of a ball of yarn.

Magician color by number printable

This printable is quite detailed and uses 8 different colors. Once completed you will see a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Dog color by number printable

This coloring sheet is of a dog that looks a bit like a boy. The dog is kicking a ball up in the air.

Happy parrot

This sheet has a happy parrot standing on grass. There are blue skies with white clouds and the parrot is wearing a scarf.

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