25 weekends conversation questions

25 great weekends conversation questions

Weekends conversation questions

Ah weekends, everybody loves them after a hard week of work or study. For some it is a time to relax, for others, it is a time for fun activities. Use these weekends conversation questions to find out what your students get up to on their days off.

This is a fairly simple discussion activity and can be used for pre-intermediate level English learners. The most difficult term on the worksheet include – long weekend, skipped, spend (time), typical, emotions, entire, and gossip.

The weekends conversation questions are –


What did you do last weekend? Where did you go and what happened there?

How do you spend most of your weekends? Do you prefer to relax or do things?

Do you like to watch or play any sports on the weekend? Which sports do you like?

Does your country have many long weekends? What happens during these?

Have you ever skipped work or school on a Monday to make the weekend longer?

How often do you spend the weekend with your family? What do you do together?

Do you have any plans for this weekend? What do you think the weather will be like?

What is your favorite weekend activity? How often do you get to do it?

Do you like cooking on weekends? Do you cook differently than on weekdays?

Is the weekend a time for you to go shopping and do housework and chores?

Would you prefer your weekend to be on different days, not Saturday and Sunday?

What is the most fun that you have had on a weekend this year? What did you do?

If you could change one thing about your typical weekend, what would it be?

What do you think would be a very boring way to spend a weekend and why?

Are your emotions different on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings? Why?

What kinds of places get very busy on weekends in the town that you live in?

Have you ever spent an entire weekend alone at home? What did you do?

Do people in your country often work on weekends? Do they get paid extra for this?

What will you do next weekend if it is raining? What will you do if it is sunny?

Why do you think most of the world works five days a week and has two days off?

Who do you usually spend your weekends with? Who did you meet last weekend?

Do you ever help other people on weekends? Who do you help and how?

Did you hear any interesting news or gossip last weekend? What was it about?

Where is a place that you never like to visit on a Sunday? Why not?

weekend camping outdoors by a river

Weekend idioms

Once you have completed the weekends conversation questions you can introduce these weekend idioms to further the discussion.

In the UK, if a person has a face like a wet weekend it means that they look very sad and miserable. If a person is like a wet weekend, then they are boring and not much fun to be around.

If you put on your Sunday best, you are putting on the nicest clothing that you own.

The Sunday blues refers to the unhappy feeling of returning to work on a Monday.

If you make a weekend out of something, you extend your stay at a place to enjoy it or do something for a longer period of time (Usually 1 or 2 days).

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