school and classroom objects flashcards

36 Free school objects flashcards (PDF)

Classroom and school objects flashcards

Here are some more free picture and word cards that you can use to teach children and ESL learners. These school objects flashcards feature 36 common things found in and around the classroom.

They’re very handy to teach the basic words students need to know when they first start out in school.

The words on these flashcards are –

Sheet 1 – book, bag, pencil, and pen.

Sheet 2 – sharpener, ruler, markers, and paints.

Sheet 3 – eraser, scissors, glue, and clock.

Sheet 4 – calculator, pencil case, globe, and computer.

Sheet 5 – board, bell, student, and teacher.

Sheet 6 – desk, chair, door, and window.

Sheet 7 – wastebasket, trash can, map, and plant.

Sheet 8 – school, school bus, notebook, and calendar.

Sheet 9 – shelf, light, paper clips, and stapler.

Ideas for using the classroom objects flashcards


Every teacher has their own arsenal of flashcard games that they like to play. Here are a few more fun ideas that these flashcards can be used for.


Scavenger hunt. See how many of these objects students can find in their classroom or learning area. They can write down the words of things that they find or just add a flashcard to a pile of things found. Set a time limit for this of around 5 to 10 minutes.

Arranging. Ask learners to arrange the words in alphabetical order, or by size from smallest to largest. You can make this a race between individual students or small groups.

Missing card. You will need magnets and a board for this. Ask several students to come to the front of the class. Stick several cards to the board and let learners look at them and say the word.

Next, ask them to turn around and once they have done so remove a card. Students are then to turn back around, look at the board, and say which card is missing. The first student to do so gets a point for their team.

Walk and read race. Place cards in a line on the floor. Get two students to stand on either side of the line. They are to take one step to each card and say its name before moving on to the next flashcard. The first student to get to the end of the line is the winner.

School objects poster. As an arts and crafts activity, you can let learners cut out the pictures on the flashcards and use them to make a poster. Not much is needed for this besides, scissors, glue, and a large piece of paper or cardboard.

Speaking. This is very basic vocabulary but it still can be used to start speaking. Simply get learners to make simple sentences like – “I have a pen” and”I don’t have a map”. You can ask students to describe their colors or use any other adjectives that they already know.

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