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36 Free printable seasons flashcards (PDF)

Seasons flashcards

Here are some beautiful seasons flashcards for teaching the 4 different times of the year. There are flashcards for each of the seasons as well as 8 things associated with each one.

The chosen words and objects for each season are quite stereotypical and have colors and hues that reflect them. Their lovely images make for an engaging learning experience for all English learners.

The pictures and words included on the flashcards are –

Spring – nest and eggs, flowers, sprout, bees, rabbits, rainbow, picnic, and gardening.

Summer – beach, ice cream, coconut, hat and glasses, hot, pool, cooler, and shells.

Fall/Autumn – leaves, pumpkins, squirrel, pine cones, chopping wood, picking apples, hay bales, and corn.

Winter – snow, fireplace, soup, ice, blanket, reindeer, ice skates, mittens.

Using the seasons flashcards

You can use these flashcards in any way that you like! They can help teach new vocabulary related to the seasons with different kinds of flashcard games that children and younger ESL learners love to play.

The original idea behind the design of these picture and word cards was to be a word association game or sorting activity. You can do this in several ways. The easiest is to just print and cut out the cards and ask learners to put them into 4 groups (Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter).

Another way is to get students to write the words in 4 corresponding columns on the board. This makes for good spelling practice and can even be turned into a race with a few teams.

Once your students have arranged the words into 4 groups, see if they can add a few more by themselves as an extra brainstorming activity.

It should be noted that the flashcards were also made for the northern hemisphere where Easter falls in fall/autumn, and Christmas in winter. It shouldn’t be a problem for those in the south. The baby rabbits could symbolize birth which happens in spring, reindeer are associated with the cold, so it doesn’t have to be Christmas.

Some students will arrange the cards in different seasons. This can be quite interesting. See if they can explain why they made the choices that they did!

Related activities and resources

These seasons flashcards are about a topic closely related to the weather and you can find some more great resources here at ESL Vault.

First of all, there are 44 weather flashcards that you can use to compliment these ones about seasons.

There are also the weather vocabulary matching worksheets that have a variety of difficulty levels.

For speaking with fairly high level ESL classes and high school, have a look at the weather conversation questions.

Finally, for a fun pair work activity check out the weather pair work world maps that work well as a simple speaking activity.

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