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2 free silent letters worksheets

Free silent letters worksheets

These resources on the use of silent letters are handy for lower-intermediate level learners and above. When using these handouts make sure students say each word out loud as they try to find the answers. This makes solving the worksheets much easier and gives the teacher a chance to correct any pronunciation errors.

In the first worksheet above, students circle the silent letter in each word. Once they have completed that, they must put each letter into the spaces of the words below. If the students have chosen the correct answers a silly joke is revealed.

The answers for each word are – sword (w), ghost (h), castle (t), island (s), handsome (d), Autumn (n), thumb (b), Wednesday (d), leopard (o), biscuit (u), listen (t), watch (t), mechanic (h), lamb (b), scissors (c) and knight (k).

The joke is – What is red and bad for your teeth? A brick!

Silent letter maze

In this worksheet, students must follow the words containing silent letters from the start square to the finish square. Moves can only be made horizontally and vertically, not diagonally. Ask students to use a pencil to draw a line so if any mistakes are made they can be easily erased.

The correct path through the maze is – school – two – know – salmon – kitchen – science – often – hour – bomb – wrote – knock – answer – knife – whale – witch – cupboard – knee – climb – island – match – where – vegetable – receipt.


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