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11 fun space writing prompts

Space writing prompts

A collection of space writing prompts to help your students get creative with their writing. Sometimes English learners can get a mental block when it comes to creative writing, these worksheets provide both sentence and visual ideas to help get over the problem and start writing.

The printable PDF writing sheets each have a short prompt on them which you can use and add to with more of the suggested ideas for each page. Alternatively, you can just ignore the writing prompts and provide your own or let your students come up with ideas from the pictures.

Space writing prompt 1

The first printable writing sheet above has the prompt – Your spaceship is about to fly into a wormhole. What will happen? What is on the other side? When and when will you come out?

You add ideas to this such as – What is travel through the wormhole like? Describe the experience. How long does the travel take? What is dangerous about the wormhole? Where do the wormholes appear?

Space writing prompts 2

The prompt on sheet 2 is – A strange UFO lands in your backyard and you go out to investigate it. What happens next?

Other ideas might be – Who or what is on the UFO? Describe them. Why did the UFO land in your yard? What is the UFO made of and where is it from? How does it fly?

Space writing 3

The prompt on sheet 3 is – You are an explorer on a new planet. What will you find? What is the planet like? What lives there? What are the weather and geography of the planet?

You can add – Why are you exploring the planet? What equipment do you have? Who is with you? How did you get there?How is the planet different from earth?

You could even use a completely different writing prompt such as – You are exploring a distant planet and you walk into a cave when suddenly………

Space writing 4

The fourth sheet of the space writing prompts has –

You are a scientist living on a space station. People on the space station are disappearing, what is happening to them? Where are they going?

You can add – How many people have disappeared? Where and when do they usually go missing? Where is the space station? What is being researched on the space station? Who is in charge and what is being done to find answers about the disappearances?

Planet writing

This printable is a little different in that students must first draw and color their planet.

Once they have completed their drawing there are some simple prompts to describe what their planet is like.

You could add things like – number of moons, oceans and water, things underground, planet size, atmosphere and gravity, and places of interest or landmarks.

Space writing prompts page 5

Sheet 5 has the prompt – On a planet far away there is a civilization of cat people. What are these people like and how do they live?

Other ideas include – How do the cat people communicate? What do they eat? What do they make and do? What are their houses like? Are they friendly? What technology do they have? What other life lives on their planet?

Space writing 6

The writing prompts on sheet 6 are –

Your spaceship lands on a planet that has strange robot creatures. What happens next? Are the robots friendly? Can you communicate with them?

You can get your students to go into detail about the robots, where they came from and what their planet is like.

Another completely different prompt might be – You are a robot in a strange world, where did you come from and what are you meant to do?

Space writing 7

Printable writing sheet 7 has the prompts of  –

You are taken on to an alien spacecraft. What is the spacecraft like? What do the aliens want from you? Where are they from?

A different prompt you could use for this picture could be –

You are an alien from a distant world who has travelled to the Earth to study humans. How will you study them and what do you think of the human race?

Space writing prompts 8

The prompts on sheet 8 are –

Your spaceship has problems and is about to crash into a planet. What will happen next and how will you survive?

Further ideas can be – What is wrong with your spaceship? What is the spaceship’s name and who is the captain? Who is onboard? What planet are you about to crash into? What happens when you reach the planet’s surface?

Space writing 9

This sci fi writing worksheet is about an alien invasion. The prompt is –

You are the leader of a planet in space that is being attacked by aliens. How will you defeat them and save your planet.

In this activity students can go into detail about the aliens – what they look like, where they are from, and what technology they possess.

Space writing 10

On worksheet 10 the writing prompt is –

You are the captain of a voyage to Mars that will set up a new colony. Describe what happens and what goes wrong.

Here students can write about the journey, landing on Mars, and setting up the new human colony.

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