spot the difference printable worksheets giraffe

Spot the difference printable worksheets

Spot the difference printable worksheets

This is a great writing task for ESL students and can easily be adapted to be a speaking activity. The printable here are in colour but you can print them out in black and white as none of the solutions involve colour.

In the first printable above the 5 differences are – the spots on the giraffe’s neck, the flower in the bottom right corner, the berries on the bush, the sun, and a tree is missing behind the giraffe.

How to use the spot the difference worksheet in class

The students need to compare the 2 pictures, A and B. A good structure for doing this is like so – In picture a there is a sun but in picture B there isnt. A shorter sentence structure might be – In picture B there is no sun. There are several ways to do these spot the difference printable worksheets, choose whatever suits you best.

Give your class 1 example sentence before they undertake the activity themselves so that they have a good sentence structure to follow.

The more complex puzzles really benefit from being shown on a projector as well. You can even do away with printing the worksheets all together if you have a good projector and get students to simply write in their notebooks or make it a speaking exercise.

Pirate ship spot the differences worksheet

The 6 differences in this handout are –

In picture B there is a  sun.

The skull and crossbones flag is flying the other way.

The pirate’s hat is missing the skull and crossbones.

One of the clouds is missing.

One of the cannons is missing.

Kitchen spot the differences

There are a couple of difficult ones in this puzzle. The 10 differences in Picture B are – The sausage on the boy’s fork is missing.

The butter on the toast has melted.

The glass of juice is half empty.

The lid on the cooking pot is missing.

The note on the refridgerator isn’t folded.

The cooking utensils hanging on the wall are different.

There is a stripe missing on the tablecloth.

The left side of the rug is different.

The shadow in the rug is reversed.

The banana is facing a different way.

kids bedroom spot the differences

This is another fairly challenging puzzle. The 10 differences in picture B are –

The stripe on the rug is thinner.

There is a basketball not a football.

The pencil on the floor is facing the other way.

The handle of the box under the bed is missing.

The clock has a different time.

A square on the boys quilt is missing.

The middle drawing at the end of the bed is different.

There is a flower in the plant.

The lamp string is in a different place.

The boys hand isn’t under the pillow.






Animals in a forest spot the differences

The solutions for this worksheet are –

In picture B the bird is lower down the tree trunk.

The flowers in the bottom left corner are missing.

There is a snail on the mushroom.

There is a bird behind the fox.

There are stones in front of the fox.

There is a mouse in front of the deer.

The deer has 2 antlers.

The bush in the bottom left corner is different.

The bush behind the bear is missing.

There should be one more but I can’t find it! If you do please let me know in the comments below.


Insects spot the differences

The 7 differences in this printable are –

In picture B the top right wing of the butterfly is different.

The arm of the ant carrying the apple is facing forward.

The caterpillar has its mouth open.

The bee on the right is flying the other way.

The tail of the left bee is different.

The stem of the apple is facing right.

There is a shadow behind the caterpillar’s tail.

Robots spot the differences

This one is quite hard to do without using colours to describe the robots. It is best to either project this worksheet or print it in colour. The 10 differences in picture B are –

The yellow robot’s arm is facing upwards.

The red robot’s arm is facing down.

The chest of the pink robot has a different pattern.

The lever on the green robot’s head is reversed.

The green robot has 3 levers on its chest.

The orange robot’s eyes are higher up.

The blue robot’s chest is missing a dial.

The green robot has an M on its chest.

The eyes of the brown robot are different.

The purple robot’s top drawer is missing.


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