Wanted poster kids activity

A wanted poster – Kids writing activity

Wanted Poster

This writing activity is an oldie but a goodie. Students get to be creative with a bit of drawing and writing. The writing prompts all are there to make it very easy. Learners can draw and write whatever they like which makes it that much more fun.

You may want to do a quick demonstration poster on the board first. This will help learners understand how to write about things such as appearance and crimes.

Firstly students draw the face of the villain underneath the cowboy hat. Pen or pencil is fine for this although if you want to go that extra yard and use coloured pencils or crayons, do so.

Once the drawing is complete it is time to fill in the writing. Sometimes students will write some silly things but that is all part of the fun as long as it is grammatically correct.

To finish off the exercise think about having students present their wanted poster to the class. It will add some extra speaking practise!


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