England conversation questions

25 England conversation questions

England conversation questions

A free printable discussion worksheet about England. The most difficult words in this activity include – chips, traditional, follow, support, wild, events, landmark, cricket, national,  and recently.

The England conversation questions are –


What do you think is the most interesting thing about England?

Have you tried fish and chips? What traditional English food do you know of?

Do you follow English football? Which team do you support?

If you moved there, what do you think living in England would be like?

What kinds of wild animals live in the English countryside?

What do you know about English history? What are some famous events?

England is part of the United Kingdom, what other countries make up the UK?

If you could take a one-month holiday in England, what things would you do?

Have you heard of Stonehenge? What famous English landmarks do you know?

Who are some famous English people? What do they do? Why are they famous?

What do you think the weather is like in England?

Do you like English music? Who are your favorite bands and artists?

In what ways do you think that England is different from your home country?

If you moved to England what would you bring from home in your suitcase?

Have you met any English people? What were they like?

Do you know of the sport cricket? Have you ever watched or played it?

What is the national animal of England? What does the English flag look like?

What do you know about the British Royal Family? Where do they live?

How many English cities can you name in 30 seconds?

Is there anything about England that you don’t like?

Have you heard anything about England in the news recently? What was it?

Would you prefer to live in England or the United States of America? Why?

What was life like in England 300 years ago?

What kinds of landscapes and geography can you see in England?

English slang

Once your class has completed the England conversation questions, share these funny English slang expressions with them.

To have a chin wag is to have a long conversation.

A bloke is a man, this is also used in Australian English.

If you take a butcher’s hook, you take a look at something.

If you feel chuffed, you are very happy.

Someone who is very lucky can be described as jammy.

A person who is rich can be described as minted.

Yonks is used to describe a long period of time.

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