25 Africa conversation questions

25 Africa conversation questions

Africa conversation questions

Here are some interesting Africa conversation questions for general English discussion. It is the second biggest continent on the planet while also being the hottest. Many people have different ideas about Africa so it makes for a great discussion topic.

The most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – natural resources, the wild, landmarks, savannah, currency, solve, and big game hunting.

The Africa conversation questions are –

What are 3 things you think of when you hear the word Africa?

How many countries in Africa can you name in 30 seconds?

Which country in Africa would you like to visit most? What would you do there?

Have you ever tried African food? What was it called and where did it come from?

Is there any place in Africa that you would not like to visit? Why not?

Do you know of any islands in Africa? What are they called?

What do you think of African music? Do you know of any famous artists?

Do you know anything interesting about the history of Africa?

What kinds of natural resources does Africa have?

Have you ever bought something that was made in Africa? What was it?

What kinds of problems are there in Africa? Which countries have these problems?

Which African animals would you like to see in the wild?

What do you think is the most dangerous animal in Africa?

What famous landmarks are in Africa? Can you name the countries they are in?

Would you prefer to visit the jungles, the savannahs, or the deserts of Africa?

How long would it take you to travel to Africa from where you are now?

Who do you think is the most famous person from Africa? Why are they famous?

In what ways do you think Africa will change in the future? How will this happen?

Would you like to live in Africa for 1 year? Why or why not?

Do you know of any African currencies and the countries that they come from?

In what ways is the north of Africa different to the south?

What kinds of African art do you find interesting? How would you describe it?

If you could help Africa solve one of its problems, which would you choose?

What do you think about big game hunting in Africa? Should it be stopped?

African food from Ethiopia

Fun facts about Africa

Here are some fun facts you can use to introduce this topic or use as a cooler activity once you’ve completed discussing the Africa conversation questions.

There are 54 countries in Africa.

It was said that in 2017 more people in New York, USA had internet connections than all of Africa.

Africa is home to around one-quarter of the world’s bird species.

The Sahara Desert is bigger in size than continental USA.

There are said to be over 2000 different languages spoken in Africa.

Around half of the gold in the world has come from mines in Africa.


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