broken sentences with irregular verbs for ESL

8 Awesome broken sentences worksheets

8 broken sentences worksheets

These activities could not be any easier for teachers. Just cut the pieces out along the dashed lines and give the sets to your students. They can do them individually although students seem to have a lot more fun working these out in pair or groups of 3.

The only thing you may need to do is go over any new words you see or reinforce grammar as needed. Mistakes are often made with hilarious matches that just arent quite right.

There are a few different topic and grammar elements to choose from. Hopefully, you will find one suitable for your ESL class.

The first worksheet above focuses on the simple past and irregular verbs. The verbs used are –

eat – ate, feel – felt, swim – swam, forget – forgot, get – got, drive – drove, buy – bought, spell – spelt, steal – stole, throw – threw, catch – caught, grow – grew, shake – shook, leave – left, and build – built.


This one focuses on the topic of animals and is about animal appearance and habits. The content is very basic with only a few difficult words such as – Africa, stripes, ride, shell, lay and often. It’s handy for elementary and children’s classes.

First conditional

Here the sentences all use the first conditional which we use to talk about things that may happen in the future.

It is a combination of – If + present simple and will + base verb. For example – If I download this worksheet, I will use it in class tomorrow.



Sentences on the topic of food. Another easy one for your elementary classes. Watch out for the nonsensical matches of “He was eating popcorn for breakfast” and “We put the chicken in his coffee”!

The vocab is basic with words such as – oven, cereal, order, kilo and lettuce being the most challenging.


Past continuous

This activity is about the past continuous also known as the past progressive tense.

This tense uses was/ were and the present participle.

Phrasal verbs

This puzzle is about matching the right phrasal verbs with half on each piece of the puzzle.

The phrasal verbs used are break into, clean up, find out, grow up, work out (exercise), wake up, hold on (wait), try on (clothes), take off (clothes) and run out (finish).


This sheet is broken sentences on the theme of sports. For lower level classes you may want to give them the definitions of – wrestler, surfer, shark, scored, caught, court, hiker and cyclist.

Places in a city and simple past

Sentences matching what people do at places in a city. For example we catch a train at a station fix our teeth at dentists and so on.

All the sentences are in the simple past.

Make your own broken sentences puzzles.

The provided PDFs here are a synch to print, cut out and use in class. If you have a certain  language area to focus on why not make your own? You can easily type out ten sentences in a word processor or even write them by hand and then just cut them in half.

You could also split your class into teams and get them to make their own. Once they are finished they can swap their puzzles with other groups and and test each other. It makes for a fun writing class. Here is a blank template for you to download.

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