wh digraph words

Free printable wh digraph words with pictures

Wh digraph words

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a digraph is simply a combination of 2 letters that make 1 sound. Digraphs can either be a mixture of two consonants or two vowels. This page is focused on wh digraph words.

Digraphs are fantastic for young learners and ESL students who are starting out in their quest for fluent English pronunciation. They are also useful for students who struggle with pronouncing certain sounds and can be used to target these weaknesses.

This page has 2 free PDF printables with 16 different pictures and words. The worksheets are meant to be printed and cut out as cards to use as flashcards for learning games and activities.

The 16 wh digraph words with pictures are –

Sheet 1 – wheel, white, wheat, whale, whistle, what, whisk, and wharf.

Sheet 2 – whiskers, whisper, wheelbarrow, wheelchair, whirlpool, whack, whip, and whittle.

The words have been kept fairly basic to suit younger learners. Although, any new words will hopefully be learned along the way.

For more resources using the w sound check out the L and W minimal pairs, the R and W minimal pairs, and the tongue twisters with W pages here at ESL Vault.

wh digraph words with pictures 2

Ideas for teaching the wh words

Apart from using the above printables for flash card games, here are a few more suggestions –

  • Cut the words off the pictures so that there are 2 separate pieces and get students to match them correctly. Be sure that they pronounce each word as they match them.
  • Ask your class to make sentences containing the wh digraph words.
  • See if your students can place the words in alphabetical order.
  • As an artistic activity, provide the words to your class and see if they can draw them.
  • Print out several copies of the picture cards to play card games such as “snap” or “go fish”.

Wh words list

Here is a wh word list that you may find helpful to create further activities. This list is by no means exhaustive, with a quick online search you can find many more words if you need them.

narwhal whack whale whalebone
wham whammy wharf what
wheat wheel wheelbarrow wheelchair
wheeze when whenever where
whether whetstone whew whey
whiff while whim whimper
whine whinge whinny whip
whiplash whir whirlpool whirlwind
whirlybird whisk whisker whisky
whisper whistle white whitefish
whittle whiz whoops whoosh
whopper why
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