funny homophones sentences

45 funny homophones sentences

Funny homophones sentences

Here are some worksheets that will bring laughter into your classroom. Each sentence has an incorrect word that makes them funny. Students must identify the homophone and correct the sentences.

Each worksheet also contains pictures of some of the homophones, you can use them to help teach the words or get your students to name the pictures once they have corrected all the sentences.

What is a homophone? Homophones are 2 or more words that sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning. Knight and night are examples, so are ball and bawl. Note that some nationalities may differ in the pronunciation of a few words (root and route are examples). Just skip any sentences you don’t agree with or do what works best for you!

The sentences and answers are given below each image on the page.

The funny homophones sentences and answers on worksheet 1 above are –

1 – The priest had chewing gum stuck to his soul. (sole)

2 – She washed her hare in the bathroom. (hair)

3 – The scientist spilt coffee all over his genes. (jeans)

4 – He needed football boots so he bought a new pear. (pair)

5 – The man put wooden steaks in his garden. (stakes)

6 – She used flower and water to make bread. (flour)

7 – If you go to the gym, you will have bigger mussels. (muscles)

8 – I don’t want to meat your parents today. (meet)

9 – They wanted chocolate moose for dessert. (mousse)

10- You should never stare at the son. (sun)

11- There was a leek in the boat and it sank. (leak)

12- The guerilla was fed bananas at the zoo. (gorilla)

13- He wore a Thai to the job interview. (tie)

14- You need to put your waist in the bin. (waste)

15- He walked into the mail bathroom. (male)

Funny homophones sentences 2

The sentences and answers for sheet 2 are –

1 – It’s comfortable walking in bear feet on the beach. (bare)

2 – The rich man had ate gold watches. (eight)

3 – They said buy-buy at the train station. (bye-bye)

4 – She wore a jacket because it was chilli. (chilly)

5 – He rode a big fairy on his holiday in Spain. (ferry)

6 – The Korean student likes to sleep on sundaes. (Sundays)

7 – All of the prophets were kept in a Swiss bank. (profits)

8 – The doctor got angry and lost his patients at work. (patience)

9 – She wanted a drink but there was nun in the fridge. (none)

10- My mother spent a long time rapping the presents. (wrapping)

11- The nurse said to put medicine on the saws. (sores)

12- He wanted to say the words “I love ewe”. (you)

13- You need to press paws to stop the movie. (pause)

14- Have a look at the fresh pees in the garden. (peas)

15- The policeman worked on the beet all afternoon. (beat)

Funny homophones sentences 3

The sentences and solutions on sheet 3 are –

There is a very fine mare in the city hall. (mayor)

She took the paddle and road to the restaurant. (rowed)

He gave a presentation to the bored members. (board)

The baker made the doe into a pizza. (dough)

The chef spoke about the menu and it was disgust. (discussed)

In the evening they wok their dogs. (walk)

He doesn’t have enough cents to save money. (sense)

The army quickly surrounded the bass with tanks. (base)

They were desperate for their child to be a buoy. (boy)

The Italian restaurant puts time into it’s food. (thyme)

The taxi driver took the long root to their home. (route)

The referee didn’t like the footballer’s fowl. (foul)

In Scotland, people go fishing in locks. (lochs)

She was very hungry and took a bite of the maze. (maize)

The children always put mince in their mouths. (mints)

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