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44 free printable action verbs pictures PDF cards

Action verbs pictures PDF cards

Here are some free printable action verbs flashcards that can be used for a variety of learning activities and games. The verbs are all rather easy although they can also be used for more complex activities with older English learners. Read below for a few fun teaching ideas.

The action verbs pictures and words on the cards are – shower, brush, read, jump, paint, study, run, sing, play, wash, dance, listen, sleep, wake up, cry, bounce, wear, yawn, throw, catch, cook, eat, hold, carry, sweep, work, recycle, serve, think, lie, shout, write, worry, laugh, walk, love, welcome, answer, like, miss, look, celebrate, hear, and shiver.


How to use the English action verbs pictures

Once they have been printed and cut out, you can use the action verbs pictures for your favorite flashcard games. Here are a few more fun ideas that you might like to try with your students –

Charades – This is a good game for younger learners. Get one student at a time to come to the front of the class and randomly choose a card. They are to act out the action verb they pick up. You can create teams and award points to the first team to guess the verb correctly. For some more resources dedicated to this activity, check out the charades for kids printables.

Opposites – Print the whole set of the action verbs pictures and hand out sets to small groups. The team that finds the most pairs of opposites verbs in a set amount of time is the winner.

Body parts – Get your students to arrange the cards into groups of which body part is used for each of the verbs. They can categorize them into verbs that use the brain, hands, legs, mouth, and so on.

Snap – After printing several sets of the cards, they can be shuffled together and used for popular card games such as “Snap”. In Snap, the cards are dealt evenly amongst a group. Students take turns laying one card each on top of the last card.

If two cards the same lay on top of each other, the first student to slam their hand on the cards and yell snap gets to keep the cards as points. These cards are then kept to the side to be counted once all players’ cards have been used. The player with the most points at the end wins.

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