free pdf beetle coloring pages

16 free beetle coloring pages (PDF)

Beetle coloring pages

Here are some beautiful beetle coloring pages for kids and adults. There are a range of designs with different interesting patterns. The free PDF coloring sheets contain pictures of many kinds of beetles such as rhino beetles, stag beetles, click beetles, stink bugs, Egyptian beetles and more.

These pages are perfect to create very colorful pictures with some almost psychedelic designs. There are also a couple of mandala style coloring sheets and some easy ladybugs for smaller kids.

Interesting beetle information

Beetles are all over the planet and live everywhere apart from the oceans and North and South Poles. There are differing opinions on just how many different kinds of beetles there are but it is often said that 1 in every 4 animals on earth is a beetle.

Humans eat a lot of beetles and their larvae. Africa, Asia, and the Amazon are some of the main areas where the beetle is part of people’s diet.

Some beetles are huge! The Goliath beetle can grow to a length of up to 11 centimeters and can weigh as much as 100 grams.

They don’t live very long. Most beetles complete their life cycle in just around one year.

Ladybug beetle coloring pages for kids

Below are two easy beetle coloring pages with simple ladybugs for younger learners.

Ladybug tends to be the name for these beetles in North America whereas in the UK ladybird is commonly used.

Ladybugs are generally red or orange and black but there are 5000 different kinds and some are even blue, pink, purple and green. You can color these pictures just about any way you like and they will be realistic!

You would expect that these small delicate creatures don’t move too far or fast but they do. A ladybug can travel at the same speed as a racehorse (37 mph). They can also fly at elevations of up to 3600 feet!

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