25 shark conversation questions

25 shark conversation questions

Shark conversation questions

Sharks are fascinating creatures that many people fear. You can use these shark conversation questions for general English discussion activities with just about any classes. The level of difficulty isnt too high, they are good for intermediate level English speakers and above.

The most difficult words in this activity include – dare, cage, protected, cruel, aquarium, attack, fin, illegal, communicate, killer whale, and recently.


The shark conversation questions are –

1 – What are 5 words that you would use to describe sharks?

2 – How do you feel about sharks? Have you ever seen one in real life?

3 – Would you like to have a pet shark? Where could a person keep a pet shark?

4 – What are the biggest and the most dangerous sharks that you know of?

5 – Have you ever been swimming and felt worried about sharks? Where were you?

6 – Would you ever dare to swim with sharks? Would you like to try shark cage diving?

7 – What would you do if you were swimming at a beach and you saw a shark nearby?

8 – How many different kinds of sharks can you name in 30 seconds?

9 – Have you ever eaten shark? How did it taste? What kind of shark was it?

10 – Which countries do you think have a lot of sharks in their waters?

11 – Are there many sharks in your home country? Do people ever catch them fishing?

12 – Have you seen any of the Jaws movies? What did you think of them?

13 – In what ways are sharks different from dolphins?

14 – Do you think that sharks should be protected by governments? Why or why not?

15 – Do you feel that it is cruel to keep sharks in aquariums? Why do you think so?

16 – Why do you think that sharks sometimes attack people?

17 – What can be done to prevent or reduce shark attacks on people?

18 – What do you think about shark fin soup? Why is it illegal in countries like Australia?

19 – How do you think sharks communicate with each other?

20 – If you could talk to a shark, what is a question you would ask it?

21 – Which do you think is more dangerous, a shark, or a killer whale?

22 – If you wanted to see a real shark next holiday, where would you go?

23 – What countries do you think eat the most sharks?

24 – How long do you think a shark lives for? Where do you think sharks sleep?

25 – Have you heard or read a news story about sharks recently? What was it about?

A school of hammerhead sharks

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blacktip ocean shark in a cave
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