25 music conversation questions

25 fun music conversation questions

Music conversation questions

Here is a free printable PDF with discussion questions about music. Be sure to get your students to describe the pictures at the top of the sheet in as much detail as possible. There are also some related music vocabulary worksheets to go with this activity. They feature kinds of musical instruments as well as musical genres.

The most challenging words on this handout include – spend (time), instrument, record, cassette, busk, beg, can’t stand, genre, equipment, foreign, illegal, traditional, require, taste, and funeral.

The music conversation questions are –

What are your 3 favorite kinds of music? Who is your favorite musician?

How much time do you spend listening to music each day?

Do you know how to play any musical instruments? What can you play?

Which instrument would you like to learn to play? Do you think it would be hard?

Have you ever been to a music concert? Who did you see play?

Where do you keep all your music? Do you have any records or cassettes?

What do you think of musicians who busk on the street? Is it like begging?

Are there any kinds of music that you can’t stand? What are they?

Can you sing well? Have you ever sung in public or tried karaoke?

How many different music genres can you name in 30 seconds?

What music do you listen to at home alone? What music do you like at parties?

How do you find new music? What is the last new band you found and liked?

What kind of music makes you feel like dancing? Do you dance well?

Do you ever listen to the radio? What radio station do you like?

What equipment do you use to listen to music? Is there anything you want to buy?

If you started a band, what music would you play and what would your name be?

What music do your parents listen to? Do you also like it?

Do you like any foreign music? Which country does it come from?

Where do you buy your music? Do you ever download music illegally?

What is the traditional music of your home country? What instruments are used?

Which do you think requires more skill, being a DJ or being a guitar player?

Has your taste in music changed over time? What music did you like 5 years ago?

What music have you set as your telephone ringtone?

What song would you like to play at your wedding or funeral?

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Music Idioms

Once you have completed discussing the music conversation questions with your students, introduce a few of these interesting music idioms.

If something is music to your ears, that means it is good news or something you are happy to hear about.

To buy something for a song means to buy it at a very cheap price compared to its value.

The expression chin music means chatter or talking.

A person who sounds like a broken record keeps talking about the same thing over and over to the point that it bothers other people.

A person who can carry a tune can sing well.

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