jungle conversation questions for ESL

25 jungle conversation questions

Jungle conversation questions

A free discussion worksheet all about jungles. Before you start this speaking activity check that your class is familiar with these words – spent, protected, survive, creature, medication, remote, tribe, seep, sign, poisonous, anaconda, and shelter.


The jungle conversation questions are –


1 – What different kinds of plants would you expect to see in a jungle?

2 – Have you ever spent any time in a jungle or rainforest? What did you do there?

3 – Are there any jungles in your country? Are they protected?

4 – If you were going to spend a month in a jungle, what would you take?

5 – What are some dangerous things for people in jungles?

6 – Do you think you could survive in a jungle on your own?

7 – What are some big jungle animals you know of? Which country do they live in?

8 – Which countries have a lot of jungle? Would you like to visit any of them?

9 – How healthy do you think the Amazon jungle is? Why do we need to protect it?

10 – For what reasons do people cut down and burn jungles?

11 – Which jungle creatures do you fear the most? What do they look like?

12 – What things can we learn from jungles?

13 – Why is the lion often called the king of the jungle?

14 – Do you know of any foods or medications that come from a jungle?

15 – What kind of clothing should you wear if you go hiking in a jungle?

16 – Would you prefer to be lost in a jungle, a desert, or on a snowy mountain?

17 – What would you do if you came across a remote tribe in a jungle?

18 – What are some interesting ways that jungle people get food to eat?

19 – Do you think that people living deep in the jungle have a good life?

20 – What are some signs that a jungle plant or animal is poisonous?

21 – What is your favorite book or movie that is set in a jungle?

22 – How big do you think an anaconda can get?

23 – What things do you think you can hear at nighttime inside a jungle?

24 – How could you go about making some shelter in a jungle?

25 – A common saying is “It is a jungle out there”, what do you think this means?

dense jungle vegetation with a waterfall
Jungle idioms

A concrete jungle is an overcrowded city usually with a lot of crime. This can also be said as an asphalt jungle.

When people talk about the law of the jungle they are saying that only the strongest and most resourceful will survive.

Jungle mouth is very bad breath!

Jungle fever usually refers to a bad case of malaria.

Jungle juice is a homemade or very strong alcoholic drink.

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