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15 free PDF Australian animals coloring pages

Australian animals coloring pages

The continent and country of Australia is home to many unique animals that are not found anywhere else on the planet. These free sheets feature cute animals with simplistic designs that are great for children’s art projects.

In the first 3 Australian animals coloring pages below we have the animals (from left to right) – Numbat, kangaroo, and a quokka.

Numbats are endangered marsupials that are only found in Western Australia. They live on termites and have also been known as banded anteaters.  There are said to be only 1000 numbats left in the wild today.

The quokka can only be found on Rottenest Island, also in Western Australia. They are small kangaroo-like creatures that grow to just over half a meter in length. Unlike kangaroos, they do have the peculiar ability to be able to climb trees if they need to.

Cute Australian animals coloring pages to print

Below there are coloring sheets of cute and happy Australian animals. From left to right going down the page the animals are – a Tasmanian devil, a platypus, a cassowary, a dingo, an echidna, an emu, a frilled-neck lizard, a koala, and a possum.

Don’t worry if you don’t know many of these Australian animals, each coloring page PDF has been named after the animal in it to help you remember!

If you want to help your students color these pictures in a realistic fashion, show them some photographs of the animals. These can be easily found online. Of course, there are no rules when it comes to coloring and a blue kangaroo or a purple dingo is perfectly fine!

Finally, we have a simple kookaburra with a plain background along with a turtle and koala in the style of indigenous Australian art.

If you are looking for more Australian animals coloring sheets, check out the Aboriginal art coloring pages, here at ESL Vault.

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