25 body language conversation questions

25 fun body language conversation questions

Body language conversation questions

How people move and how they use their hands are great indicators of what a person is feeling. We use gestures in everyday life to help communicate our ideas. These body language conversation questions are great for a fun discussion activity for teenagers and older students.

There are some challenging words in this speaking topic that you may need to go over beforehand such as – pose, greet, gestures, culture, eye contact, facial expression, annoy, emotions, movements, delicious, nervous, shake, confident and impolite.

The body language conversation questions are –

If you were traveling overseas, what 5 kinds of body language would be most useful?

Are there any special ways that you like to pose for photographs? Explain them.

Does your body language change when you are at work or school? In what ways?

How do you usually greet a person you have just met? How do you greet friends?

Do you know of any strange body language or gestures from other cultures?

Do people in your culture touch each other when they communicate? Why or why not?

What kinds of actions should people not use when speaking in your country?

What body language do you use when you are angry? What if you are happy?

How much eye contact is used in your home country? Is it rude to stare at someone?

What body language have you used today? Why and where did you use it?

Are there any facial expressions that some people use that annoy you? What are they?

What are some examples of body language that animals use to show their emotions?

If a man and woman were dating in your country, what body language might they use?

Do you move your hands a lot when you are speaking? Why do you think you do this?

What body language would you use if you came across a tiger in the jungle?

If you could not talk, what movements would you use to tell someone you were lost?

Why would a person smile if they felt unhappy? Are you able to do this?

How do people in your country express that food is delicious and that they are full?

What actions do you do with your body when you feel nervous? What if you are afraid?

In what situations do people shake hands? Do you shake with a firm or loose grip?

Do you think that body language can affect your chances of success in life? How?

In what ways do confident people move and walk? How do shy people act?

What are some rude gestures in your country? Why are they impolite?

How would you count to 20 by using your hands? How would you say no or stop?

woman with zip lips gesture

Further body language activities

Once your class has completed discussing the body language conversation questions, there are some more fun activities you can follow up with.

First of all, there are the hand gestures worksheets where students can associate hand signals with meanings. They can also talk about any differences in their culture. There are also the manners conversation questions for further related discussion.

Next, you could play the game of charades where students must act out certain words or scenarios for the rest of the class to guess. This is also a good game to practice vocabulary about feelings and emotions.

Finally, you can give students a list of certain kinds of body language and ask them what they think they mean.

Examples might be – Hands on hips, blinking a lot, twirling your hair, tapping your foot, crossing your arms or fingers, rubbing your hands together, touching your ear or nose, hands in your pockets, or rubbing your neck.

woamn showing happy body language
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