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17 free robot coloring pages (PDF)

Free robot coloring pages

Robots are interesting machines that are evolving year after year. They make a great coloring topic that is suitable for all ages. Here we have some free printable PDFs that range from easy to quite difficult. There are a range of subjects from basic robots to animal and dinosaur robots and hard coloring pages at the bottom of this page.

The first set of the robot coloring pages (above and below feature simple designs of happy and cute robots that are perfect for kids and younger learners. A great thing about these coloring sheets is that the robots can be any colors at all, there are no rules. This lets kids get creative and come up with the color schemes that they like.

Animal and dinosaur robot coloring pages

The next free robot coloring sheets have animals and robots. There is a simple robot dog, a robot rhino, some T-rex dinosaurs, and a triceratops.

There are both easy and hard designs to color in, the dinosaur robots in the jungle are the most difficult. You can see there is a lot of detail in the jungle surrounding the robots. These can be turned into brilliant colorful pictures by coloring the foilage with assorted greens and browns.

Hard robot coloring pages

The final free coloring sheets are quite hard and are best for teenagers and adults. They will take some time to complete, but if you are patient enough to color in all the small details, you will be left with some awesome pictures.

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