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6 free Central America map coloring pages

Central America map coloring pages

Here is an assortment of different style Central America map coloring pages. These pages are great for geography lessons and general coloring fun.

This thin strip of land that joins the 2 continents of North and South America consists of 7 different countries. These are – Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

With the maps, you can do activities such as coloring to a legend, country labelling, and writing information. They are also good to supplement research projects where students can find interesting facts about the Central American countries.

In any case, just the simple act of coloring these maps will help all students remember the geographic locations of the countries and their names.

Central America coloring page with icons

There is a lot of detail in this map coloring page and you can turn into something very colorful.

Map of Central America coloring page with legend

This map has a legend on the right. Use the same colors for the countries and the circles in the legend to make it work.

It also has weather pictured, so once completed you can ask your students what the weather is like in each of the Central American countries.

Central America coloring page with icons 2

Another detailed coloring page with the countries marked. There are also mountains, trees and lakes drawn on this coloring sheet.

You can also get students to label the cardinal directions on the compass.

Central America coloring page with capitals

This is a basic map that has the countries and their capitals marked.

Central America map coloring page with countries labeled

This one already has each of the 7 countries marked on it as well as the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Use the rectangles on the left as a coloring legend.

There is space next to the legend where students can write facts such as population and country size.

Easy Central America map coloring page

A very simple map that is easy to color. When it is finished you can get students to write a short description of the area on the right-hand side in the space below the title.

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