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9 Free blank word search templates (PDF)

Blank word search templates

These free printables are just fantastic. They are so simple yet so versatile and useful. They can be used in just about any class imaginable and for any age level.

There are blank word search templates here for kids, teens, and even adult learners. The PDF pages come in different sizes so you will surely find one suitable for the class or student you are teaching. While English students find these creative tasks engaging they also reinforce new vocabulary, spelling, and some good thinking skills.

The first 2 blank word search grids below are perfect for young learners. There are not many squares to be filled in and kids can write simple 3-letter words like CVC words as they practice writing the alphabet. It is an interesting way to get kids to enjoy writing letters!

How to use the blank word search templates

The general idea of these word search grids is to get students to fill them in with target vocabulary before surrounding those words with extra random letters. Once this is done they can swap with a classmate or friend and see if they can find all the answers/words.

They can be used to review any topic that you have studied or are currently studying. As the teacher you can assign a set of words to be used, or let your class choose them themselves from a unit in a textbook they are learning.

Before students start, you will need to set out some rules on how the words are put into these blank grids. Typically a word search puzzle has words written horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

If you want to make the puzzles even more challenging you can allow the words to also be written backwards. To make them even more difficult you can also allow L-shaped words that bend at a right angle.

Further notes

Here are a few more things you probably should consider before using these printables.

1 – Get learners to stick to either uppercase or lowercase lettering. When the 2 are mixed it gets somewhat confusing. From experience, using lowercase is the best bet.

2 – Some of the blank word search templates don’t have space to write the answers or a title. This is because space is an issue. To overcome the answers can simply be written on the back of the page or on a separate piece of paper that can be stapled or taped to the bottom of the page.

3 – Set a time limit for these activities. Sometimes they can drag on for quite a while. If the pages are not complete in the allotted time just assign them as homework.

4 – For something a little more creative, ask students to draw picture clues instead of writing the words. This adds an extra layer of thinking for both the puzzle designer, and the solver.

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