ESL daily routines dominoes and picture cards

Daily routines dominoes and picture cards

Daily routines dominoes and picture cards

These free daily routines cards are awesome for a range of activities in the ESL classroom. Sheet 1 above has the daily routine activities of brush my teeth, get dressed, have breakfast, take a bus to school, and go to class. Note that the pictures and meaning matches are staggered to make dominoes possible. You will need to print all 3 sheets to get all the matching pictures and meanings.

You can cut the pages into strips of 5 horizontally to create dominoes. You can then play traditional dominoes or get students to just match them up. Done correctly this will create one circle of pictures matching their meanings.

Another thing you can do is cut the cards out individually along all the dotted lines. Once you have done this you can use them for pelmanism where students match the pictures with their meaning.

With the 30 cut-out cards, you can also put all the pictures in one group and the words in another. Turn the cards upside down and get the students to play a game of memory. To do this each student takes a turn turning over 2 cards. If the cards are a match they keep the cards or get 1 point.

Sheet 2 has the student routine activities of – have science class, do sport, have lunch, walk home from school, and do homework.

Sheet 3 has the routines of – play computer games, eat dinner, have a bath, go to bed, and wake up.

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