free printable leaf templates

88 Free printable leaf templates (PDF)

Leaf templates

Here is a big collection of assorted leaf templates that can be used for all kinds of creative arts and crafts projects. Check out the ideas below if you don’t already have a plan in mind for these free printables.

This page has simple leaves, leaves for autumn and fall, pumpkin, maple, palm, monstera, jungle, bamboo, holly, oak, ivy, gum leaves, and more.

The first 2 pages below are of quite basic leaves that will help get you started on the easiest of craft activities.

Autumn and fall leaf templates

The next leaves are just what you need to create Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other fall-themed craft activities.  The first 2 PDFs are of basic autumn leaves that you can color accordingly. The third page has pumpkin leaves which are also commonly related to this time of year.

Maple leaves

The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada although they grow on other continents besides North America. The stunning red, orange, yellow, brown, and green hues of the maple foliage make them perfect for decorating all sorts of objects.

There are said to be over 130 different species of maple trees and they can also be found in Asia and Europe!

Ideas for using these free printables

You may want to try some of these ideas with your classes and students to have some extra fun with these printable leaves.

Stencils. These leaf shapes make great stencils. You cut out the inside or outside of the leaves for this and with some paint make a leaf anywhere you like.

Collages. Try making interesting leaf collages with a variety of different leaves with different colors.

Painting and drawing. Fill the leaves with whatever colors you like as you would a blank canvas. The larger templates work best for this. You can even fill them in with things like torn paper and glitter!

Make a bouquet. Use some of the free printable flowers and combine them with leaves of your choice to make a wonderful flower arrangement. This is great for things like International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Make a mural. There are all sorts of leaves here to choose from to make any sort of wall picture ranging from the season of fall to a deep jungle scene.

Make a paper garland or headband. Use the printables to make festive garlands or cool-looking nature headbands.

Paper mobiles. Once colored and cut out, hang arrangements of leaves from a stick or coat hanger that you can attach to your ceiling.

Leaf chains. Join lots of leaves together to make chains. These can be hung as decorative streamers or made into things like paper belts.

Palm leaf templates

Next, we have a selection of different palm leaves. These templates are quite large with only one leaf on each printable PDF page.

If you need to upscale the size from a typical A4 page you can visit a print shop and have them made to the bigger size that you want.

Monstera leaves

Monsteras are beautiful tropical plants that grow both outdoors and indoors. They have large leaves containing differently shaped holes, adding to their interesting appearance.

Consider using a craft knife or a boxcutter knife to cut out the holes and somewhat tricky leaf edges. Another alternative is to make small punctures with a pen or sharp pencil before carefully using scissors to complete the cutting job.

Jungle leaf outlines

Here are a few jungle plant leaves that can be great for murals or larger-scale craft projects. Remember, it is much easier to color in the leaf templates before you cut them out than afterward!

Other assorted leaf templates

Finally, we have 6 more pages of different tree leaves. From left to right going down the page there are holly, oak, ivy, gum, and money tree leaves to choose from.

A great idea for the holly leaves is to create a Christmas wreath. Print several pages of them, color them in nice dark greens and you have all you need to start crafting a festival circle that you can hang.

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