25 conversation questions about complaints

25 Conversation questions about complaints

Conversation questions about complaints

Complaining is the act of expressing that you don’t like something or someone. Everyone is prone to making complaints, some more than others! Try asking these complaints discussion questions to see what irritates and bothers others.

For English language learners, the most difficult terms in this activity include – top 10, workplace, neighbor, romantic, relationship, age group, positive response, bad review, and patience.


The questions about complaints are –


1 – What complaints have you heard today?

2 – When did you last complain about something? Who did you complain to and why?

3 – What do you think are the top 10 things people in your country complain about?

4 – Have you ever complained about a meal in a restaurant? What happened?

5 – In what kinds of jobs and workplaces do people have to hear a lot of complaints?

6 – Have you ever made a complaint about a neighbor or had one complain about you?

7 – Do you have any friends or family that you think complain too much? What about?

8 – Who would you talk to if you wanted to complain about a romantic relationship?

9 – What can a person do to help them to complain less? Do you need to do this?

10 – Have you ever complained and received a refund? What was it that you bought?

11 – Which age group do you think complains the most? Why do you think so?

12 – When was the last time you saw a person get angry while complaining to someone?

13 – Can you think of a time that you complained and got a good or positive response?

14 – Do people you know often complain about you? What things do they complain about?

15 – What would you do if you ordered food online and it arrived late and cold?

16 – Which kind of weather do you complain about the most? Why don’t you like it?

17 – Have you ever left a bad review for a company online? What did you write?

18 – Are you more likely to complain about a small problem or try to forget it?

19 – Is there anything that you would like to complain about right now? Who to?

20 – What part of your body do you complain about most and why?

21 – Have you ever complained about an animal? What made you complain and who to?

22 – What is the number one complaint of people in your town or city right now?

23 – Do you have a lot of patience? How does patience affect the way people complain?

24 – How long would you wait for food at a restaurant before you decided to complain?

25 – What things do people complain about at airports? How about at supermarkets?

a business woman complaining to a man

Words about complaining

Here are some different ways to say complain. In the English classroom environment, you can ask students to substitute these words in the complaints questions and use them in their responses.

  • Have a whinge/whinge
  • Moan/moan about
  • Whine
  • Grumble
  • Object
  • Have a bone to pick
  • Make a fuss about
  • Fret about
  • Bleat about
  • Grizzle
  • Grumble
  • Grouch
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