free printable fish outline templates

Free printable fish outline templates (18 PDFs)

Fish outline templates

Here are some lovely free fish outline templates that you can use for arts and crafts activities. These printable fish shapes feature different kinds of small tropical fish as well as some large fish.

There are fish outline pages of gouramis, koi fish, goldfish, angelfish. trevally, tuna, shark, sailfish, salmon, and more! Simply download the PDF pages that you like, print them out, and you are ready to get creating.

There are a lot of fun ways to use these printable fish. Here are a few ideas –

Stencils. Once you print the pages and cut out the fish the shapes can be used to create stencils for patterns. You can use both the inside and outside shapes for this.

Murals. You can decorate a wall or poster with the fish. This can be done by printing them out on colored cardboard or paper and taping them to a wall. You can also color them in instead.

Coloring. One of the most obvious uses for these printables. They are suitable for young learners who only need a simple coloring project.

Decorating the fish. This can be done in all manner of ways. You can fill the outlines in with glitter, paint, tissue paper, and just about anything you like. One interesting thing you can do is cut some scale shapes and stick them on to make a realistic fish. With a bit of effort, you can even make the scales stand up and turn the fish into 3D pictures.

Hanging mobiles. A very easy yet fun activity for kids is to make hanging mobiles out of the fish. It works best if the fish are first decorated. Once this is done you only need some string or fishing line that you attach with some sticky tape, and a small stick or rod to hang them from.

Collages. With several pages of small fish colored in try making a fish collage.

Teaching counting. For young children, the fish can be used to help them learn small numbers. You can either write the numbers on the fish or print out as many as they need to count.

Drawing. Children will enjoy drawing on the fish to give them realistic looks or interesting patterns.

Learning about fish. Students can draw in and label the body parts of the fish as a new vocabulary learning activity.


The first free printable pages below have 11 different fish outlines of varying sizes. These are good for easy and small projects. You won’t need to print many copies to get your craft activities started.

Large fish outlines

The next pages have large pictures of fish that take up an entire page. You can always scale them down (or up!) when you print the PDFs if you find they are too big.

The sailfish and tuna below are two of the most interesting shapes of fish. These pages are great for drawing in realistic details.

Next, we have a picture of a salmon. This picture has some details on it which make it perfect for teaching the body parts of a fish. You can get students to draw lines and label the parts they can see. Other fish parts can be drawn in as well.

Even if this isn’t what you’d want to use this template for, you can still cut it out around the outline for other activities.

Finally, we have some cute fish templates. There is a clownfish, a koi, and some other very basic shapes of fish to choose from.

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