build a monster worksheet

5 free printable build a monster worksheets

Build a monster worksheets

Here are some free PDF files of cut and paste worksheets to make monsters. These craft activities can be used to teach parts of the body, for Halloween or general creative art fun.

How to build a monster

These craft activities are very simple and you only need a few things to complete them. You will need colored pencils or crayons, scissors, glue or sticky tape, and a blank sheet of paper or card.

Firstly, give each student a build a monster worksheet and ask them to color it in. Use can set instructions on how to color if you are teaching colors or body parts. Otherwise, you can just let your class use whatever colors they like.

Next, hand out pairs of scissors so that students can cut out the body parts that they want to use to make their monsters. If some students have different worksheets you can also let them exchange the parts they don’t want with each other.

Now give each student a blank piece of paper/card and get them to assemble the monsters.

Finally, you can ask students to write physical descriptions about the monsters, give them names, and write about where they live, what they eat, and so on. Once completed students can also present their monsters to the class and talk about them.

Build a monster 2

This sheet has 2 mouths, 2 sets of eyes, furry ears, a crown, and glasses to choose from. The body is like that of an octopus.

Remember that if students don’t like the body shapes (or any other body parts) they can always draw their own and color them to be used on a separate piece of paper.


Build a monster worksheet 3

This sheet has many horns that can be placed all over the body, 2 kinds of hair, 2 sets of eyes, as well as a hat and bow tie. There is no mouth, students can draw their own mouth on the monster later on.

Make a monster worksheet 4

This printable has a set of horns, 4 tails/arms, 2 mouths, 2 sets of eyes, glasses, a goatee, and a moustache.

Like all the worksheets, there is no nose. You can get your class to draw noses on their monsters when they have finished. For classes that struggle with drawing, draw a few noses on the board for them to copy or get ideas from.

Build a monster worksheet 5

Worksheet 5 has 2 sets of mouths and ears, 4 horns, 3 tails, a beanie, and some 3D glasses. The body is somewhat like a caterpillar.

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