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15 free printable headband templates

Printable headband templates with animals and creatures

Here is another great craft activity for kids! These paper headbands are very easy to make and are great for classes related to animals, Halloween, or just for having fun.

They not only work well for primary school and younger kids, early high school students will enjoy them also. Just remember that with the younger students you will need to step in and help at the cutting and assembly stages from time to time.

The printable headband templates feature the animals – lion, turkey, elephant, cheetah, giraffe, baby shark, rabbit, monkey, and snake. The turkey headband is particularly useful for Thanksgiving.

There are also printable headband templates for the mythical creatures – monster, witch, skeleton pirate, ogre, fairy, and unicorn. These supernatural character headbands are also perfect for Halloween activities.

How to make the printable headband templates

These wearable craft activities are very easy for kids to make. Once you have printed the headbands you like, you will need pencils/crayons, scissors, and sticky tape or a stapler. Printing on cardboard is optimal but you can use paper, the thicker the better. The steps to make these are simply –

  1.  Get students to color in the paper headband they have. They look much better if the band itself is also colored.
  2. Give each student a pair of scissors to cut out the 2 pieces required to assemble the printable headbands. Note that a cutting circle to follow has been provided around the pictures. If the students are able they can ignore this and cut carefully around the pictures instead.
  3. Now using stick tape or a stapler students join the 2 band pieces together at a length that fits their heads. You may need to help younger students with this final step.

TIPS – If you are doing this as a class activity, remember to print out more than you need so that all students have a few choices of which animal or character to make. It is also a good idea to play a game to see who chooses first.

If you print on very thin paper the pictures above may be very flimsy. In this case, just add some extra sticky tape on the back to strengthen them up. If you want them to be really durable add clear tape to the front of the headbands before the cutting out process takes place.

Some students will be overly cautious with their coloring so you might need to set a time limit for that stage of the activity. Otherwise, they may not finish the project before your class is over.

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