mirror image drawing worksheet monster

6 free mirror image drawing worksheets

Mirror image drawing worksheets

Here are 6 mirror image drawing worksheets for kid’s art fun. The printables have half a picture for students to complete by themselves using symmetry. There are incomplete pictures of the animals of owl, octopus and dog, as well a car, monster, and a castle, all of varying difficulty.

It is a very simple concept where students are to look at half a picture and copy it to complete the drawing. There is a grid of squares on each page which acts as a guide. Students can count the squares to find where to accurately draw the missing lines.

Don’t worry if students complete the mirror image drawing worksheets in an imperfect way (especially younger learners), this is part of the learning to draw process. Once completed the pictures can also be added to with extra details in a creative way. They can also be coloured in with pencils or crayons to create a beautiful final piece of art.

While not exactly a language resource these worksheets can be used at the end of classes with related topics such as animals, Halloween, or transport. They can also be used at the end of semesters and for general free-time fun for students who finish their assigned work early. They help students learn how to draw, use mathematical principles and focus on individual parts of objects.

Identifying and drawing two-dimensional shapes also helps children become aware of the geometry and symmetry that surrounds them in the natural world.

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If your students enjoyed these worksheets and are into drawing, have a look at the free read and draw worksheets. In these activities, students are to read simple sentences and draw pictures following the text.

They might also like the preposition drawing worksheet which is a fun pair work activity.

Finally, there are the ESL drawing activities that are suitable for students who can already draw quite well.

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