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Free PDF build an elephant printable

Build an elephant printable

Here is a fun papercraft activity for kids to cut out and assemble. It can be used as a fun filler or to supplement any nature-related classes. The build an elephant printable comes in color as well as black and white and there is also an answer key for children to copy.

The first printable below is already in color although the activity still works well if you just print in black and white.

How to use the build an elephant printables

This craft activity can be conducted in a number of interesting ways. What each student will need to finish this task are –

  • a pair of scissors
  • A blank piece of paper/card
  • glue or sticky tape
  • colored pencils or crayons ( for the black and white version)

Students are to cut out the pieces and put them all together to create an elephant. This is done by glueing or sticking them in place on a blank sheet of paper.

There is a key provided below which you can either project on a screen or make a few copies of to guide your class. It is also fun and more challenging to not provide the key and see what different elephants your class creates. There are no rules in this activity so anything goes!

Once the elephants are completed students can make a background for them, green jungles or blue waterfalls are good ideas. They can also be used as presentations where students can write facts or interesting short stories about elephants.

For older children you can make this an instructional activity where they must listen and follow directions as to where to put the pieces. This is also great for practicing prepositions of places. You can even make it a pair work exercise where 1 student assembles the elephant while the other student explains how to do it from looking at the key.

The black and white elephant craft printable above also adds the extra dimension of coloring. This can be done either before it is cut out or after it is put together (if you use glue).

Just note that you will have to wait for the glue to dry before any coloring can be done effectively. It is also much easier to color in beforehand.


Answer Key

build an elephant printable key
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