free printable lion craft template cover

3 free printable lion craft templates

Free printable lion craft templates

Here are some cute free printable lion craft templates for children and younger teenagers. These happy lions come in a variety of difficulties and also, with and without color, and answer keys.

Note that it can be interesting to not show your class the answer keys and see what creations they come up with!

What you will need –

  • pencils or crayons (if you use the coloring templates)
  • scissors to cut the pieces out
  • A separate piece of paper or card to assemble the lions on.
  • Glue to stick the lions to your piece of paper. You can also get away with a stapler and join the lions together. In this way, you won’t need a backing sheet of paper or cardboard.

Once you have colored, cut out, and put the lions together on a piece of paper your students can add some writing to the projects. For younger learners like preschoolers, this might just be the word “lion” or “I love lions”. Older students can write some simple facts about lions and later present them to the class.

Leaves and lion craft template

This first template is the easiest with only 7 parts to cut out and put together. Once completed you will have a cute lion hiding behind a bush.

If you are coloring in these templates students can either use black around the outlines or a darker shade of you you will color inside of them. Both ways make the parts stand out more. If that is too challenging then students can simply color the entire parts in one shade of color.

Remember if you are just using one color then there is no need to worry about going outside of the shapes, any excess coloring will be cut away later. This may help save time making the lions.

Meat and lion craft project

This craft activity creates a lion on a rock ready to eat a piece of meat. It can be a little bit fiddly with the small pieces of the lion’s tail and it’s eyes. If your students are unable to cut it out and put it together you can always help with these smaller body parts.

Bird and lion craft template

These printables feature a smiling lion with a bird resting on its paw. This is the most difficult of the free printable lion craft templates. It is best suited for young teenagers because it has some quite small pieces that some younger learners may find challenging to cut out and assemble.

Once all 12 parts of the lion and bird have been colored/cut out, it is easiest to assemble them on a separate piece of paper with glue. It is quite hard to put together using only a stapler.

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