butterfly coloring page printable with mushrooms

10 cute butterfly coloring page printables

Free butterfly coloring page printables

Here are 10 free cute butterfly coloring page printables for all ages. They can be used in art classes, free time breaks and any nature related lessons. Butterflies are wonderful to color in as they have beautiful wings that you can decorate however you like.

As well as the butterflies themselves, these pages have plants such as flowers, mushrooms, and trees. Some are more suitable for young learners such as the b is for butterfly coloring page printable. Others are more complex and even adults will enjoy them.

Once printed out the pictures can be colored with crayons or pencils. If you are feeling more adventurous with your class, try letting them use watercolor or acrylic paints. This way they can learn how to mix colors together, and it is just a lot more fun!.

You can also cut the colored pictures out when finished and use them to make other craft things. You can make collages and hanging mobiles, or stick them on exercise book covers.

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