realistic cactus coloring page

19 free cactus coloring pages

Cactus coloring pages

Here is an interesting assortment of cactus coloring pages for all ages. There are simple coloring sheets for children along with more detailed pages for teens and adults.

These coloring sheets feature a range of these fascinating plants such as saguaro cacti, barrel cacti, prickly pears, and more. You can practice different shading with this coloring pages. Note that cacti come in a range of green hues, yellows, browns, grays that are almost blue, purples and even reds.

The first 3 pictures (above and below) realistic drawings with blooming flowers. These pages are perfect if you want to try your hand at using watercolor paints.

Cactus Facts – There are said to be around two thousand different species of cacti around the world. They typically grow in arid desert areas but some species can also be found in rainfoests and jungles.

Cute cactus coloring pages

These sheets are great for kids. There are some cute potted cactus plants as well as a couple of Mexican cactus coloring pages.

Did you know that cacti can be eaten and are part of Mexican cuisine? They are also used for medicinal purposes in much the same way as aloe vera plants.

The pointy spines of a cactus serve multiple purposes and are just like the leaves on a tree. They help the plant retain water and protect them from any predators looking to munch on them. These amazing spines even have the ability to capture water from the wind!

Landscape and desert cactus coloring pages

These landscape pictures mostly contain the saguaro cactus in scenes you would find in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, USA. The iconic saguaro can only be found in this desert which also stretches into neighboring Mexico.

The saguaro is the largest member of the cacti family and can reportedly grow to a whopping 60 feet or 18 meters in height. They can also live to over 200 years of age and weigh 4800 pounds/2200 kilograms.

Llama and potted cactus coloring sheets

Some more rather easy sheets for kids and younger learners to color. There are also a couple with llamas which children seem to love.

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