lemon coloring pages

11 Free lemon coloring pages (PDF)

Lemon coloring pages

Although these sour yet incredibly healthy fruit are said to have originated in Asia they can nowadays be found all over the globe. They are recognized by kids and young learners by their distinct shape and color. Here are some fun lemon coloring pages that you can use for general art fun as well as classes related to foods and fruit.

The first lemon coloring worksheets above and below are the easiest in this set. These simple pages are just what you need for young learners who are just starting out with crayons and pencils.

Next, we have some more simple printables for kids. The first PDF is an L for lemon coloring page that will suit children who are getting to know the alphabet. It also has an added letter tracing activity for them to learn how to write the word lemon.

Beside it, there is a cute coloring page that has the word lemon, some juice squirts, and a blank speech bubble. What is the lemon saying? Let your learners decide!

Below we have some nice realistic lemon coloring sheets. The first picture even has some texture added to follow, on the second picture you can add that yourself.

Use a variety of greens and yellows and try shading them and their leaves in a way that makes them appear as real as you can. To help you do this it is a good idea to check out some photographs to help with the process.

Fun Fact! Did you know that a lemon begins its life as a flower? After these white flowers bloom it can take anywhere from four months to a year for a fully ripe lemon to be produced.

The next couple of lemon coloring pictures are somewhat different in that they involve food and drinks. These pages make for lovely summer activities.

The first sheet has a glass of iced lemonade surrounded by lemons and lemon slices. The second picture is of an ice cream or popsicle with slices of lemon inside it. You can use all kinds of colors to complete this one.

Finally, there are some harder coloring pages just in case you or your class need a challenge.

The last printable has a lot of lemon slices stacked on top of each other with a lot of small details to color in. You could use all sorts of colors to make them multicolored rainbow slices. Alternatively, you can just color them the shades shared by common citrus fruit.

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