25 pets conversation questions

25 pets conversation questions

Pets conversation questions

This worksheet of pets conversation questions is great for any animal-related classes. It is a relatively easy discussion activity that can be used for pre-intermediate level learners and above.

The most difficult words that you may need to teach before starting the conversation include – veterinarian, reptile, emotions, strange, cruel, cage, breed (noun), equipment, illegal, tricks, wild (noun), and popular.

The pets conversation questions are –

What is the best animal to keep as a pet? Why do you think so?

Do you have a pet now? What is it called and where did you get it from?

How many pets have you had in your lifetime? What animals were they?

Have you ever had to take a pet to a veterinarian? What was wrong with the pet?

What is an animal that you would never keep as a pet? Why not?

Do you think that reptiles have emotions? What reptiles do people keep as pets?

Which animals are best to keep indoors? What pets should sleep outside?

What is the strangest pet you have heard of somebody having?

Do you think it is cruel to keep birds in cages? Have you ever owned a bird?

What would you need to keep a pet horse? How about a pet monkey?

If you were a pet dog or cat, which country would you want to live in and why?

Do people in your home country take care of their pets well?

What is a good pet for young children to look after? What does it eat?

If you bought a dog, what breed would you most like to buy?

What equipment do you need to keep pet fish? Have you ever owned one?

Would you prefer to have a pet chicken, a pet snake, or a pet rabbit? Why?

What animals are illegal to keep as pets in your home country?

What are some of the good and bad things about owning a pet?

Have you ever taught a pet to do any tricks? What could the pet do?

In what ways are pets different from animals that live in the wild?

Where would you go if you wanted to buy a new pet tomorrow?

What kinds of pets are cheap to have? Which animals cost a lot of money to keep?

What happens to pet animals that run away in your country?

What would you say is the most popular kind of pet in your country?

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pet iguana on a log

Pet idioms

Once you have completed the pets conversation questions, you might also want to share some of these interesting pet idioms with your students.

A teacher’s pet is a student who is the teacher’s favorite in a particular class.

A pet hate or pet peeve is something that really annoys you.

A fish out of water is a person who is in new or unusual surroundings and doesn’t feel comfortable.

The pick of the litter is the best one in a group of things.

pet goldfish in an aquarium
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