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14 beautiful dragonfly coloring pages

Dragonfly coloring pages

A collection of beautiful dragonfly coloring pages for kids and adults. These pages vary in difficulty with some easy ones for younger children and hard coloring pages for teens and adults.

Dragonflies have been around for over 300 million years and there are over 5000 different  species. They come in all sorts of brilliant colors so however you color your dragonfly it will bound to be somewhat realistic.

Interesting facts about dragonflies

A dragonfly has nearly 360-degree vision. Their eyes are made up of up to 30 000 facets or lenses.

One species of dragonfly, the globe swimmer, migrates 11 000miles between India and Africa.

Some dragonflies can eat up to hundreds of mosquitos in a single day.

Dragonfly and lotus flowers

A cute dragonfly hovering over some lotus flowers in water. Note that lotus flowers come in the colors of pink, yellow, purple, and blue.

Happy frog and dragonfly coloring sheet

This artwork is the same as the page above but also has a happy frog standing on another lily pad.

Easy dragonfly coloring pages

A few simple pictures of dragonflies for kids to color.

Pond dragonfly

A picture of a dragonfly on leaves above a pond.

You can decide if there is a moon or a sun behind the dragonfly. Is it a day scene or a night scene?

water lily dragonfly coloring page
Water lillies and dragonfly

A simple yet pretty top-down view of a dragonfly on a water lily.

Water lilies provide dragonflies with a place to lay eggs while also providing a good place for the young nymphs to hide.

Hard dragonfly coloring pages

These pages are very detailed with intricate patterns on the dragonflies, flowers and leaves. You will want to use sharp colored pencils or felt tip pens for these coloring sheets.

Dragonfly life cycle coloring pages

These 2 sheets show the different stages of the dragonfly’s life cycle. The three stages of its life cycle, which is an incomplete metamorphism are  – egg, nymph, and adult.

The first picture on the left has the 3 stages scattered around in reeds. The second picture on the right has a more traditional cycle pictured.

Did you know that the nymph stage is the longest stage of a dragon fly’s life? They spend this time underwater and it can range from only a few months to over 5 years!

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