free printable cheetah coloring pages

17 Free printable cheetah coloring pages (PDF)

Cheetah coloring pages

Here are some interesting cheetah coloring pages that range from cute cartoon-style cats for kids and more realistic drawings for adults and teens. They are great to use as activities for any classes related to nature and Africa where they mostly live.

Besides coloring these printables can also be used to create information projects on cheetahs that get learners to research and write about the animals. The first coloring sheets, above and below, are the easiest and most suitable for children. Scroll further down the page to find more challenging pictures.

The cheetah is fascinating in that it is the fastest land animal on the planet, it can reach speeds of up to around 70 miles per hour (112km). That really fast when you consider the top speed of human athletes is only around 27 miles per hour.

It is interesting to note the differences between cheetahs, leopards, and jaguars as they can easily be mistaken for one another. Of the 3 cats, the cheetah is the tallest but is lean while the jaguar is the biggest having a heavier weight and longer length. The leopard is the smallest of these animals.

The best way to tell these predators apart is by the spots on their bodies. A cheetah has small round and oval black spots, a jaguar has ring-shaped spots that often surround a smaller spot. A leopard has spots that can be almost square in shape along with round ones, they are also closer together than the spots of the other felines.

Realistic cheetah coloring pages

The next set of cheetah coloring sheets are quite realistic, they have a lot more detail and are suitable for adults and teenagers who want to create beautiful pictures by adding color.

The first page below has a cheetah chasing down an impala in a savanna with a volcano-like mountain towering in the background. The prey is pronking into the air in an effort to escape the fast cat’s clutches.

Next, we have some highly highly detailed cheetahs that take a lot of time to color in. The first big cat is sitting in amongst jungle foliage while the second is of a cheetah’s head with a side on profile. Filling in the spots on their fur isn’t such an easy task.

The coloring sheet below has a very lifelike cheetah lying in the grass with two cubs. It works well with pencils but also with watercolor paints if you have them on hand.

International cheetah day coloring page

This coloring sheet has one of these graceful big cats standing on the planet Earth which is perfect for International Cheetah Day.

This day is on December the 4th and is to celebrate the world fastest land animal, recognize the plight of the cat’s diminishing numbers and raise awareness to help save them. The population of cheetahs has depleted to around half what it was 20 years ago.

Head of cheetah coloring pages

Finally, we have a couple of cheetah heads and faces that can be colored in. The last one (below right), also makes for for an awesome face mask that kids can cut out and wear.

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