25 conversation questions about bread

25 Conversation questions about bread

Conversation questions about bread

Bread is the main staple of countries and cultures around the globe. It is a simply cooked food source that people have relied on for thousands of years. Use these discussion questions about bread to get you started on an interesting verbal voyage with anyone around the world.

For English language learners the most difficult terms in this speaking exercise include – culture, diet, prefer, sliced, thickness, fresh, moldy, condiment, turn out, pastry, trust, fussy, butter, strangest, disgusting, stale, throw, and salty.


The conversation questions about bread are –


1 – On a scale of one to ten, how important is bread to your culture’s diet?

2 – When was the last time that you ate bread? What did you eat it with?

3 – What is your favorite kind of bread? Do you prefer to eat white bread or brown bread?

4 – At which time of the day are you most likely to eat bread? Why is this so?

5 – Do usually buy sliced bread or do you cut it yourself? What is a good thickness?

6 – What ingredients, machines, and utensils do people need to make bread?

7 – What do you keep your bread in? How long does fresh bread last before going moldy?

8 – What is your favorite kind of condiment to put on a slice of bread?

9 – Do you believe that bread is a healthy or unhealthy food? Why do you think so?

10 – Have you ever tried to cook your own bread? How did it turn out?

11 – What would you say the difference is between bread and pastry?

12 – Would you like to work as a baker? What times of day do bakers work where you live?

13 – Which country makes the most delicious bread and why? Which makes the worst?

14 – What is your favorite kind of sandwich? Do you usually make them or buy them?

15 – Does your country have any special kinds of bread for holidays or festivals?

16 – Do you know anybody who doesn’t eat bread crusts or is very fussy about bread?

17 – Where is the best place to buy bread in your hometown? How much does it cost?

18 – If you were going to eat bread with soup, would you toast it? Would you add butter?

19 – What is the strangest thing you have seen or heard of people eating with bread?

20 – Do you often have bread for breakfast? What do you have it with?

21 – Is there a time when you ate some disgusting bread? What was wrong with it?

22 – What is a good thing to do with stale bread instead of throwing it in the bin?

23 – Do you own a toaster, breadmaker, or oven? How often do you use them for bread?

24 – How many times a week do you buy bread? Do you need to eat more or less bread?

25 – Do you enjoy eating bread that has a lot of sugar or do you prefer salty bread?

a baker making bread

Expressions about bread

Try introducing some of these idioms and expressions to continue the conversation and follow up on the questions about bread.

Bread is often used as a slang term to refer to money and finance.

When a person says that something is the best thing since sliced bread, they are saying it is amazing.

To say that something is your bread and butter means that it is your main and most simple way to make a living or survive.

If you know which side your bread is buttered on, you know what to do to succeed at something.

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