25 entertainment conversation questions

25 Fun entertainment conversation questions

Entertainment conversation questions

Here is a free printable PDF and a list of conversation questions about entertainment. Everyone wants to feel entertained whenever they can and it is a great topic to talk about for everyone. Each person enjoys different things and finds certain things fun.

The questions are quite easy and are suitable for most pre-intermediate level ESL learners and above. The most difficult words in this speaking activity include – stay out late, athlete, arcade, age group, gambling, live music, decide, amusement park, entertain guests, cheap, and expensive.


The entertainment conversation questions are –


1 – What is your favorite kind of entertainment? How often do you get to enjoy it?

2 – If you could choose to do anything for fun next weekend, what would it be?

3 – When was the last time you stayed out late for entertainment? What did you do?

4 – What kinds of places are there for entertainment where you live? Do they cost much?

5 – Do you like watching sports? Which ones? Who is an entertaining athlete?

6 – What’s something that your friends or family find entertaining that you think is not?

7 – Are there any gaming arcades or cafes where you live? What age group goes to them?

8 – Do you prefer indoor or outdoor entertainment? Why do you think this is?

9 – What do most of your friends like to do for entertainment? Do you often join them?

10 – How do you feel about gambling? What types of things do people gamble on?

11 – Have you ever been out for entertainment and had a bad time? What happened?

12 – What do your parents and grandparents do for entertainment? Does it seem fun?

13 – Do you enjoy watching movies? What kinds of movies do you like the most?

14 – When was the last time that you saw live music? What was the name of the band?

15 – Does the weather ever decide what you will do for fun on the weekends? How?

16 – What would you say are the 5 most popular forms of entertainment in your country?

17 – Can you think of any ways that entertainment will change in the next 10 years?

18 – How many hours a week do you spend watching TV? What is your favorite show?

19 – Have you ever been to an amusement park? What things did you do there?

20 – Do you ever entertain guests at your home? What things do you do there?

21 – What are the best ways to spend a cold winter day or a hot summer night?

22 – Which actor or actress do you like the most? What is the best movie they have made?

23 – How did people use to entertain themselves 100 years ago? Would you enjoy this?

24 – Do you play mobile or computer games? How do you feel about them?

25 – What are some very cheap forms of entertainment? What are some expensive ones?

a girl entertaining herself on a mobile phone.

Further activity

If you are looking for a further activity after completing these entertainment discussion questions, look no further than the idioms about fun!

There are 21 interesting expressions that you can introduce to your students or group to keep them talking. Try and see if they can use them correctly in sentences to describe a good time out.

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