25 conversation questions about australia

25 Conversation questions about Australia

Conversation questions about Australia

The land down under is massive, the 6th largest country in the world and a continent in its own right. Its vast landscapes are home to unique creatures and plants not found anywhere else on the planet. It is a wonderful country, this author’s birthplace, and is well worth a chat about with anybody willing to take part!

These discussion questions about Australia can be used in English learning environments along with friends, family, and colleagues willing to take part. What do people you know think about the great southern land?

Note that for ESL learners, the most challenging terms in this speaking exercise include – plans, imagine, fascinating, capital, popular, events, unique, differ, lifestyle, landmark, landscape, multicultural, export, and products.


The conversation questions about Australia are –


1 – Have you ever traveled to Australia? Do you have plans to go there one day?

2 – What are the first 5 things that you imagine when you hear the word Australia?

3 – What is something about Australia that you find fascinating and why?

4 – How many states and territories does Australia have? What are their capital cities?

5 – What do you think a typical Australian meal is? What foods are most popular?

6 – If you were going on holiday around Australia for a month, where would you visit?

7 – What do you know about the history of Australia? What are some important past events?

8 – Can you name many famous Australian people? What are they famous for?

9 – Is the weather in Australia very different from your home country? In what ways?

10 – Australia is well known for its dangerous animals, which one scares you the most?

11 – What is unique about Australian culture that differs from other countries?

12 – Where is a good place to go in Australia for an adventure? What can you do there?

13 – What sports do you think are the most popular in Australia? Do you like these sports?

14 – How do you think that the lifestyle in Australia is different from England or the USA?

15 – Australia has wonderful beaches but they can also be dangerous. How?

16 – Do you like any music from Australia? Who are some famous bands or musicians?

17 – What is the latest piece of news that you have heard or read about from Australia?

18 – Which Australian landmark or landscape do you find the most interesting and why?

19 – Do you know any interesting Australian slang? What words do you know of?

20 – What would you say are the best and worst things about living in Australia?

21 – Australia is very multicultural, which nationalities most often move there?

22 – What things does Australia export? Do you ever buy any Australian products?

23 – Do you have any Australian friends? What kinds of things do they like doing?

24 – Would you like to spend some time hiking and camping in Australia? Why or why not?

25 – Which countries are close to Australia? How far away is your home country?

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