Kitchen utensils worksheets

Kitchen utensils worksheet

Updated 21/6/2021

A collection of free printable vocabulary matching exercises about things we use in the kitchen. Each worksheet has different artwork and words so have a look at them all before deciding which one suits your class best!

For the worksheet above, the answers from left to right are as follows – cup, bowl, colander, frying pan, apron, plates, cutting board, knife, saucepan, pot, rolling pin, spoon, fork, oven mitt, spatula, and, grater.

There is also a related cooking conversation questions worksheet and a kitchen appliances vocabulary matching handout.

Kitchen Utensils 2

Another cooking tools worksheet with some different vocabulary. The answers for this activity are –

1 Kettle, 2 Frying Pan, 3 Tongs, 4 Egg Cup

5 Spatula, 6 Garlic Crusher, 7 Ladle, 8 Whisk

9 Knife, 10, Bowls, 11 Jug, 12 Cutlery

13 Jar, 14 Salt Shaker, 15 Pot, 16 Fork


Small Kitchen Utensils

Here we have some words from the previous sheets as well as new vocabulary. The answers should be –

1 Kettle, 2 Frying Pan, 3 Juicer, 4 Grater

5 Measuring Jug, 6 Chopsticks, 7 Mortar and Pestle, 8 Peeler

9 Deep Fry Basket, 10 Pizza Cutter, 11  Knives, 12 Corkscrew

13 Grill, 14 Tray, 15 Rolling Pin, 16 Scales

Further Activities

Once your students have completed one of these vocabulary exercises, it is a good idea to get them practicing using the words. This can be done in several ways.

You can ask the students to describe the uses of each utensil or tool to make sentences such as – A pair of tongs are used to pick up hot food. Or, a kettle is used to boil water.

You can also ask what each object is made of, which utensils they use the most, and what verbs are associated with them.

Another idea is to get them to create a recipe that uses these kitchen tools.

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